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A re­al fe­ast of en­ter­tai­n­ment is in sto­re for tho­se at­ten­ding t­his y­e­ar’s Ka­roo-lus fe­s­ti­val, and w­hat is sad­ly the fi­nal fe­s­ti­val will cer­tain­ly be re­mem­be­red for the high ca­li­ber of ar­tis­ts.

The par­ty starts on F­ri­day at 17:00 with a per­for­man­ce by Ap­pel, who is one of South A­fri­ca’s most pro­li­fic con­tem­po­ra­ry A­fri­kaans son­g­wri­ters. He has writ­ten hit son­gs for ma­ny lo­cal ar­tis­ts, and his com­po­si­ti­ons ha­ve won mul­ti­ple a­wards. His mu­sic sty­le is a­dult con­tem­po­ra­ry folk-pop.

Next on the li­ne-up is Touch of Class at 18:00. ‘Thril­lingly beau­ti­ful’ is the per­fect way to des­cri­be the mu­sic of t­his acclai­med duo from P­re­to­ria. The group, es­ta­blis­hed by De­on van der Mer­we and Ro­nell Eras­mus, has been part of the South A­fri­can mu­sic in­du­stry sin­ce 1989 and o­ri­gi­nal­ly per­for­med as a backup band for big ar­tis­ts li­ke An­ne­li van Rooy­en, Ma­nu­el Escor­cio and An­dré S­chwartz. Ru­han du Toit joi­ned the group in 2012 af­ter Ro­nell de­ci­ded to fo­cus on her so­lo ca­reer as a Gospel mu­si­ci­an, and t­his was the start of a brand new ad­ven­tu­re for Touch of Class.

De­wald Wasser­fall ta­kes to the sta­ge at 19:00. De­wald is a past win­ner of the South A­fri­can Mu­sic A­ward for Be­st Con­tem­po­ra­ry Mu­sic Al­bum. Next y­e­ar he will be un­der­ta­king a tour to New Ze­a­land.

The out­stan­ding and ver­sa­ti­le Ri­a­na Nel from P­re­to­ria is next on the pro­gram­me, star­ting at 20:00. T­his sin­ger-son­g­wri­ter, o­ri­gi­nal­ly from Na­mi­bia, has per­for­med to au­dien­ces a­cross the glo­be, with her i­n­i­mi­ta­ble sty­le which em­bra­ces pop, rock, coun­try and con­tem­po­ra­ry.

The­re will be a to­tal chan­ge of mood af­ter t­his w­hen S­not­kop ta­kes to the sta­ge at 21:00. P­re­vi­ous­ly kno­wn as Lek­goa, t­his well-kno­wn A­fri­kaans sin­ger and rap­per star­ted sin­ging kwai­to in the la­te 1990s.

Last in the guest li­ne-up for F­ri­day e­ve­ning is The Camp­bells, w­ho­se blend be­t­ween wel­l­kno­wn En­g­lish and A­fri­kaans fa­vou­ri­tes and fa­mi­li­ar Camp­bells son­gs cre­a­tes the per­fect par­ty.

On Sa­tur­day, vi­si­tors will soon get in the par­ty spi­rit with Chris B­rits and his Boe­re­or­kes, from Cra­dock, who will be per­for­ming three short sets du­ring the day.

The well-kno­wn child­ren’s duo of Lol­los and Let­tie will en­ter­tain youn­ger vi­si­tors from 11:00 - t­his will gi­ve pa­rents a chan­ce to sit do­wn and re­lax w­hi­le the child­ren are kept bu­sy.

At 16:00, Fat­man, a fi­na­list in The Voi­ce SA, ta­kes to the sta­ge, su­re to ma­ke a big im­pres­si­on!

The­re will then be a bre­ak in the en­ter­tai­n­ment pro­gram­me from 17:00 to al­low rug­by fans to sup­port the Boks in the ma­tch a­gainst Aus­tra­lia, li­ve on the big screen.

Lo­cal son­g­stress Ne­ri­ka van der Mer­we starts the fi­nal e­ve­ning’s li­ve en­ter­tai­n­ment with a 30-mi­nu­te slot at 18:45.

Le­ah, a sin­ger, actress, dan­cer and pre­sen­ter, who star­red op­po­si­te Bob­by van Jaars­veld in the smash-hit A­fri­kaans mu­si­cal film, “As jy Sing”, will be next on sta­ge at 19:15. As well as being a vo­ca­list, she is al­so a ta­len­ted dan­cer, so the au­dien­ce can be su­re of so­me slick mo­ves.

Emo A­dams needs no in­tro­ducti­on to South A­fri­can au­dien­ces. His pro­di­gi­ous ta­lent is so­mething he’s been ho­ning sin­ce the age of 9, w­hen his fat­her first spot­ted his ge­ni­us. He is the on­ly ac­tor to ha­ve play­ed e­very sin­gle cha­rac­ter in the pro­ducti­on of Dis­trict 6: the Mu­si­cal, and has per­for­med on sta­ges a­round the wor­ld. He will be su­re to wow the au­dien­ce w­hen he co­mes on sta­ge at 20:45.

The fi­nal (e­ver) act to per­form at Ka­rool­us will be the Par­lo­to­nes - w­hen t­his news bro­ke, mu­sic fans in Graaff-rei­net went wild. T­his rock/ pop band from Jo­han­nes­burg is one of South A­fri­ca’s be­st­sel­ling mu­sic ar­tis­ts of all ti­me. The per­so­nal the­mes of their ly­ri­cs, of lo­ve and e­ver­y­day li­fe, are pai­red with ca­t­chy me­lo­dies that ne­ver fail to enga­ge their au­dien­ce.

They are one of South A­fri­ca’s be­st-sel­ling mu­sic ar­tis­ts of all ti­me, en­joying mul­ti­pla­ti­num success, and Graaff-rei­net and Ka­roo-lus can’t wait to wel­co­me them to the sta­ge at 21:45 on Sa­tur­day nig­ht. A fit­ting end of an era for t­his y­e­ar’s fe­s­ti­val.

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