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A­not­her ca­se of ra­pe was re­por­ted last week in U­ma­si­zak­he, Graaff-rei­net at the hou­se of a friend of the victim be­t­ween R­ha­ma­po­sa S­treet and Top S­treet. The cri­me was com­mit­ted on 29 Sep­tem­ber at 02:00.

The sus­pect, a 33-y­e­ar-old man, has been ar­res­ted but has not yet ap­pea­red in court.

Theft re­la­ting to mo­tor vehi­cles

The­re we­re two mo­re mo­tor vehi­cles sto­len in the last week in Graaff-rei­net.

The first, a whi­te Toyo­ta Rai­der bak­kie, was ta­ken from the cor­ner of Park S­treet and S­toc­ken­stroom S­treet in Graaff-rei­net on F­ri­day, 28 Sep­tem­ber, be­t­ween 18:30 and 23:30. Ac­cor­ding to the com­plai­nant, he par­ked the bak­kie, loc­ked the doors and put on a ge­ar lock. W­hen he re­tur­ned fi­ve hours la­ter, his vehi­cle had go­ne. The va­lue of the vehi­cle is R80 000.

The se­cond ca­se, al­so in Graaff-rei­net, al­so occur­red in S­toc­ken­stroom S­treet on the sa­me e­ve­ning. The com­plai­nant said that he par­ked his VW Golf at 18:00, and loc­ked the doors. W­hen he ca­me back at mid­nig­ht, the car was not the­re. This vehi­cle is va­lu­ed at R45 000.

The­re was al­so one in­ci­dent of theft out of a mo­tor vehi­cle in Man­de­la Park, so­meti­me be­t­ween 18:45 on 22 Sep­tem­ber and 04:38 the next mor­ning.

The o­w­ner par­ked the vehi­cle out­si­de his ho­me, loc­ked it and went to bed. W­hen he got up e­ar­ly in the mor­ning, he no­ti­ced that the win­dow of the pas­sen­ger si­de was bro­ken, and the clot­hes which had been in the vehi­cle we­re mis­sing. The va­lue of the mis­sing goods is R5 000, and the da­ma­ge to the vehi­cle is es­ti­ma­ted to be a furt­her R5 000.

One ca­se of cul­pa­ble ho­mi­ci­de was re­por­ted af­ter a bus pas­sen­ger was al­le­ge­d­ly run o­ver by the bus. The in­ci­dent hap­pe­ned on 28 Sep­tem­ber in C­hurch S­treet, at 21:40. The bus stop­ped at a fil­ling sta­ti­on, and the pas­sen­gers got off to go to the shops.

The victim ca­me back too la­te, as the bus was pul­ling off, and tried to stop the bus by han­ging on­to it to get the at­ten­ti­on of the dri­ver. Al­le­ge­d­ly he fell off, and the dri­ver, u­na­wa­re of this, ro­de o­ver the victim.

The­re we­re three ca­ses of re­si­den­ti­al bur­gla­ry in Graaff-rei­net.

The first ca­se, on 23 Sep­tem­ber at 03:00, was w­hen a flat-screen te­le­vi­si­on was ta­ken from a hou­se in Sun­flo­wer S­treet, As­her­vil­le. The com­plai­nant al­le­ges that the sus­pect, a man kno­wn to him, bro­ke in­to the hou­se and took the te­le­vi­si­on, va­lu­ed at R4 000. The sus­pect has not yet been ar­res­ted.

The se­cond was from a hou­se in Main Ro­ad, U­ma­si­zak­he. The com­plai­nant al­le­ges that the sus­pect bro­ke the pad­lock on his door, and took clo­thing and a wal­let from the room, va­lu­ed at R3 400. This hap­pe­ned be­t­ween 19:45 on 24 Sep­tem­ber, and 07:00 the next mor­ning. The sus­pect is unkno­wn.

Be­t­ween 30 Sep­tem­ber at 16:00 and 08:00 on 1 Oc­to­ber, so­me food was sto­len from a shack on a farm ne­ar A­den­dorp. The com­plai­nant al­le­ges that he left his shack at the farm and pro­per­ly loc­ked it, and vi­si­ted San­ta­vil­le for the wee­kend. W­hen he ca­me back, he no­ti­ced that two bags of mai­ze me­al, one of whi­te su­gar and one pig’s he­ad had been sto­len, with a to­tal va­lue of R380.

On­ly one ca­se of no­te was re­por­ted in the A­ber­deen a­rea, that of stock theft. This hap­pe­ned so­meti­me be­t­ween 15:00 on 21 Sep­tem­ber and 10:00 on 27 Sep­tem­ber. Ac­cor­ding to the com­plai­nant, he went to the farm to check on his stock and saw that two An­go­ra go­ats had been slaug­h­te­red. On­ly the he­ads and skin we­re left on the ground. No ar­res­ts ha­ve yet been ma­de. The va­lue of the go­ats is R1 400.

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