Going, going, go­ne: lar­ge cro­wd turns out for an­nu­al wild­li­fe aucti­on

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“Eig­ht-for­ty, eig­ht-for­ty, eig­ht-fif­ty thou­sand. Eig­ht-fif­ty thou­sand, any ad­van­ce on eig­ht-fif­ty?”

And bang went the ga­vel of aucti­o­neer Brandon Le­ar.

The child­ren of Jo­han Mey­er of Groot­sleu­tel­fon­tein, P­rin­ce Al­bert, jum­ped up and be­gan to dan­ce around their fat­her. He had just boug­ht “P­ri­me Ti­me”, the 50inch sa­ble bull of Ti­na de Ja­ger, for R850 000.

This hap­py sce­ne play­ed out at the an­nu­al Sum­mit Wild­li­fe Aucti­on held at the Bo­ta­ni­cs S­ports Ground in Graaff-rei­net on Sa­tur­day, 29 Sep­tem­ber.

The Sum­mit Aucti­on, now in its thi­rd y­e­ar, a­gain drew a lar­ge num­ber of vi­si­tors to Graaff-rei­net. Ma­ny com­men­ted on the hos­pi­ta­li­ty sho­wn by the Sum­mit te­am, and the re­laxed vi­be e­vi­dent du­ring the wee­kend.

This ge­ne­ral sen­ti­ment was per­haps be­st cap­tu­red in the words one of the buy­ers: “Dis die lek­ker­ste vei­ling en die lek­ker­ste men­se en die lek­ker­ste kui­er van al die vei­lings wat ek die jaar by­ge­woon het”.

The wee­kend star­ted on F­ri­day mor­ning with a new ad­di­ti­on to the sche­du­le, the Sum­mit S­hield Golf Day. Ne­ar­ly 40 gol­fers teed off in fai­r­ly win­dy con­di­ti­ons to pit them­sel­ves a­gainst Graaff Rei­net’s 9-ho­le la­yout and fast greens.

Noel Tay­lor F­ree­me of spon­sor Drost­dy Toyo­ta e­mer­ged as the win­ner.

Next on the sche­du­le was the F­ri­day e­ve­ning braai, w­he­re the hall was jam­pac­ked.

Prof Jo­han Wil­lem­se of the Free Sta­te U­ni­ver­si­ty enga­ged his au­dien­ce and drew ma­ny laughs with his talk on bu­si­ness stra­tegy. An aucti­on of cha­ri­ty lots was then held. The lots in­clu­ded a fa­mi­ly group of an­go­ra go­ats from the Mo­hair In­du­stry of South A­fri­ca, wi­re from Ca­pe Wi­re, a com­mis­si­on pain­ting by Ne­na­ne Be­ster and wi­ne from E­du­an S­teyn­berg of S­tel­len­bosch Vi­ney­ards.

The two buy­ers Nor­man A­da­mi and Neil Rex be­t­ween them bid c­lo­se to R500 000 for the lots on of­fer. A vi­si­bly e­mo­ti­o­nal chair­man Neil Dodds than­ked them for this in­cre­di­bly ge­ne­rous sup­port for the cha­ri­ties un­der the wing of Sum­mit.

The aucti­on it­self on Sa­tur­day mor­ning was at­ten­ded by ap­prox­i­ma­te­ly 550 pe­op­le, in­clu­ding buy­ers from Ger­ma­ny and the UK.

Most lots saw brisk bid­ding, with ge­ne­ti­cal­ly su­pe­ri­or a­ni­mals going for good pri­ces. Most sel­lers in­di­ca­ted that t­hey we­re very sa­tis­fied with the pri­ces a­chie­ved.

So­me of the ot­her high­lig­hts of this y­e­ar’s aucti­on we­re the preg­nant buf­fa­lo cow of the Groot­baas Buf­fa­lo S­tud which was boug­ht by John O’brien for R620 000, and the 18-inch Ka­la­ha­ri S­pring­buck ram of Ju­les of the Ka­roo which found a new ho­me with Ed­ward Key of Kim­ber­ley for R170 000.

The fi­nal tur­no­ver ca­me in at R12 mil­li­on. Dodds said that he was hap­py with this re­sult, e­qual­ling last y­e­ar’s fi­gu­re un­der mo­re dif­fi­cult mar­ket con­di­ti­ons.

At­ten­dees we­re a­ble to sett­le in­to the pub a­rea af­ter com­ple­ti­on of the aucti­on to wa­tch the S­pring­bucks be­at the Wal­la­bies, and la­ter left the aucti­on ve­nue in hap­py mood saying “See you next y­e­ar!”

The Sum­mit Aucti­on’s wee­kend star­ted on F­ri­day mor­ning with a new ad­di­ti­on to the sche­du­le, the Sum­mit S­hield Golf Day. Ne­ar­ly 40 gol­fers en­te­red the com­pe­ti­ti­on.

The Sum­mit Aucti­on, held in the Bo­ta­ni­cs S­ports Club in Graaff-rei­net on Sa­tur­day, 29 Sep­tem­ber. drew a lar­ge num­ber of vi­si­tors to Graaff-rei­net.

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