Nieu-bet­hes­da lo­ses a be­lo­ved re­si­dent

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NIEU-BESTHEDA — Nieu Bet­hes­da's be­lo­ved dr. Bru­ce Lar­kie (75), a well-kno­wn psy­chi­a­trist, and re­si­dent of Ca­pe To­wn as well as Nieu Bet­hes­da, died u­nex­pected­ly in the gar­den of his hou­se in Nieu-bet­hes­da on 23 Sep­tem­ber of a he­art at­tack.

He is sur­vi­ved by his sis­ter, Esmé de Ja­ger, brot­her Al­lan Lar­kie and his two nie­ces.

Lar­kie was born in Er­me­lo on 29 Au­gust 1943 to Frank and Ail­sa Lar­kie.

He at­ten­ded the King Ed­ward VII School in Jo­han­nes­burg, af­ter which he then gra­du­a­ted from the U­ni­ver­si­ty of the Wit­wa­ters­rand, with his me­di­cal de­gree.

Af­ter obtai­ning his me­di­cal de­gree, he spe­ci­a­li­zed in psy­chi­a­t­ry and was al­so qua­li­fied in the Jun­gi­an School of Thoug­ht. Lar­kie was de­vo­ted to hel­ping pe­op­le and was ex­tre­me­ly in­vol­ved in the Bet­hes­da com­mu­ni­ty w­he­re he ser­ved on the Bo­ard of Di­rec­tors of the Owl Hou­se Foun­da­ti­on for ma­ny y­e­ars. A lo­ver of art and mu­sic and an ac­com­plis­hed pi­a­nist, Lar­kie will es­pe­ci­al­ly be re­mem­be­red for his lo­ve of gar­de­ning and the beau­ti­ful gar­dens he cre­a­ted. He al­so re­sto­red three old hou­ses in Nieu-bet­hes­da, ad­ding beau­ti­ful gar­dens and or­chards.

A spe­ci­al word of thanks is ex­ten­ded by Lar­kie’s fa­mi­ly to An­sie and Lou Sny­man for their help with all the ar­ran­ge­ments af­ter his de­ath as well as to An­sie and Vic­to­ria for their ef­forts in fin­ding ho­mes for Lar­kie's be­lo­ved four dogs and cat.

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