Lo­cal mo­to­cross ra­cer te­ars up track in Bloem

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Lo­cal young­ster, A­dri­aan van Jaars­veld, (7), re­cent­ly par­ti­ci­pa­ted in one of the big­ge­st ra­ces on the coun­try’s y­e­ar­ly Mo­to­cross ca­len­dar.

The 6th an­nu­al North vs South In­ter­pro­vin­ci­al Mo­to­cross Chal­len­ge was held in Bloem­fon­tein on Sun­day, 23 Sep­tem­ber.

Du­ring this e­vent, a­bout 300 Mo­to­cross ri­ders from a­cross

South A­fri­ca batt­led it out on the Bloem­fon­tein Off-ro­ad Club's Tem­pe Mo­to­cross track.

The North was re­pre­sen­ted by te­ams from the coun­try’s nort­hern re­gi­ons and Lim­po­po, and the South by te­ams from the Free Sta­te, the We­stern Ca­pe, K­wa­zu­lu-na­tal and of cour­se the Eas­tern Ca­pe.

A­dri­aan van Jaars­veld, a Gra­de 1 le­ar­ner at La­er Volk­skool in Graaff-rei­net, was in­clu­ded in the te­am that re­pre­sen­ted the Eas­tern Ca­pe.

A­dri­aan, who com­pe­ted a­gainst 25 ot­her ri­ders in the 50cc be­gin­ners class, pro­du­ced so­me top class ra­cing on the day to fi­nish 15th o­ver­all – no me­an fe­at seeing as this was the first ra­ce he has com­pe­ted in sin­ce suf­fe­ring a bro­ken arm a­bout three mont­hs ago.

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