Lo­cal club’s an­nu­al squash tour­na­ment a smashing success

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A­not­her very success­ful squash wee­kend was held du­ring the Ka­roo-lus Fe­s­ti­val, with four te­ams from Ca­pe St Fran­cis, eig­ht te­ams from East Lon­don, three te­ams from Port E­li­za­beth and ot­hers from Mid­del­burg, Oudts­hoorn and Graaff-rei­net par­ti­ci­pa­ting.

A to­tal of 24 dou­bles te­ams, ie 48 play­ers, took part, di­vi­ded in­to A and B secti­ons.

Due to in­ju­ries and ot­her re­a­sons, on­ly one te­am was the­re to de­fend their tit­le, the te­am which won the B-secti­on in 2017. This y­e­ar, ho­we­ver, t­hey we­re u­na­ble to re­pe­at last y­e­ar’s success.

The wooden spoon a­ward was gi­ven to the last te­am in e­ach secti­on, with C­lif­ford S­tran­ger and Ma­ri­us S­tan­der in the A Secti­on and Wil­lie and Li­ze-ma­rie Ha­y­ward in the B Secti­on being the re­ci­pients.

The run­ners-up in the B secti­on was Da­nie Jack­son and An­dries van der Walt (Graaff­rei­net and PE) with the secti­on being won by Lieb Lie­ben­berg and T­hi­nus Bur­ger from Graaff-rei­net Squash Club.

In the A secti­on, run­ners-up we­re Bru­ce and De­an Brook­er, with Fou­che Swart and B­rent La­cey being cro­w­ned the win­ners. Both te­ams are from Ca­pe St Fran­cis.

The fol­lo­wing spon­sors must be men­ti­o­ned: Mon­te­go, Bo­ta­ni­cs, S­ports Wor­ld in PE, Dip­pies Mo­tors, Graaff­rei­net Har­dwa­re, Kam­de­boo Su­per­me­ats who braai­ed all the me­at for the Sun­day braai and Ma­ri­li­ze Bo­tha who se­wed all the a­prons that we­re part of the goodie bags gi­ven to e­very par­ti­ci­pant.

Alt­hough this was the last Ka­roo-lus Fe­s­ti­val, the an­nu­al Graaff-rei­net Squash Club Dou­bles Tour­na­ment will ta­ke pla­ce a­gain next y­e­ar, with a com­mit­ment al­re­a­dy re­cei­ved from the Ca­pe St Fran­cis te­ams to re­turn to de­fend their tit­les.

The play­ers from out of to­wn com­men­ded the Graaff-rei­net Squash Club on a­not­her ex­cep­ti­o­nal tour­na­ment and are all look­ing for­ward to the next one.

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Da­nie Jack­son, the Graaff-rei­net Squash Club’s chair­man, seen he­re with B secti­on win­ner T­hi­nus Bur­ger, com­mit­tee mem­ber Pau­la Zand­berg and the ot­her B secti­on win­ner Lieb Lie­ben­berg.

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