Wait, are tho­se spring blooms?

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NIEU-BETHESDA — The pear bloss­oms in Nieu-bethesda star­ted to con­cern re­si­dents this y­e­ar as they re­mai­ned tig­ht­ly cur­led up in their green se­pals way in­to Oc­to­ber.

They we­re wi­se, as the last week of Sep­tem­ber was still fros­ty and cold and not suit­a­ble to the stran­ge­ly scen­ted, chif­fon-li­ke skir­ted flo­wers that ha­ve fi­nal­ly ex­po­sed them­sel­ves to the blue-skied spring.

This past week, the a­ve­nue le­a­ding in­to the vil­la­ge was a sig­ht to be­hold, and the whi­te lambs that flan­ked the trees see­med qui­te at ho­me fro­licking un­der the shady bo­wers of bloss­oms.

The­re is a fresh sen­se of new be­gin­nings throug­hout Nieu-bethesda - bi­rds ta­ke song to a new le­vel, bees go a­bout their work, the soft sun beckons one out of bed a litt­le e­ar­lier and the harsh bi­te of win­ter seems a thing of the past.

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