Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty un­veils ser­vi­ce de­li­very call cen­t­re

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The Dr Bey­ers Nau­dé Lo­cal Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty is ma­king it e­a­sier for re­si­dents to re­port and track ser­vi­ce de­li­very pro­blems in their wards.

Exe­cu­ti­ve Ma­yor De­on de Vos said the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty had in­te­gra­ted its sy­s­tems with an app cal­led “Link” to form mo­bi­le com­mu­ni­ties for all 14 wards and im­pro­ve ser­vi­ce de­li­very. The app and the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty’s new call cen­t­re we­re of­fi­ci­al­ly un­vei­led at a launch in Graaff-rei­net on F­ri­day, 5 Oc­to­ber.

"The call cen­t­re is a much-nee­ded en­ti­ty for ser­vi­ce pro­vi­si­on to help in­te­ract with the re­si­dents of the va­ri­ous towns within the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty," said Ma­yor De­on de Vos.

The Ma­yor said the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty was very ex­ci­ted to part­ner with Link to im­pro­ve com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with com­mu­ni­ties.

“The Dr Bey­ers Nau­de mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty has ne­ver be­fo­re had a cen­tra­li­sed point at which ser­vi­ce de­li­very pro­blems could be re­por­ted. This ma­de it very frus­tra­ting for re­si­dents as they would of­ten st­rug­gle to get hold of the re­le­vant de­part­ment and then re­cei­ve litt­le to no feed­back on­ce a pro­blem had been re­por­ted.

“The Link app and call cen­t­re will now gi­ve re­si­dents a di­rect li­ne to the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty to re­port is­su­es and mo­ni­tor w­hat pro­gress has been ma­de to­wards re­sol­ving grie­van­ces,” he said.

Do­wn­lo­a­ding the Link app

The free Link app is a­vai­la­ble for An­droid and IOS de­vi­ces and can be do­wn­lo­a­ded at https://do­wn­lo­ad.lin­, from the Google Play or App S­to­re. U­pon re­gis­tra­ti­on the app will re­quest per­mis­si­on to access your lo­ca­ti­on - this is im­por­tant, be su­re to accept.

To Link to your Ward, click on “+ and Add C­han­nels”. Se­lect the blue Mu­ni­ci­pal Ward i­con, al­low the app to geo-lo­ca­te you and Link to your Ward as dis­play­ed. If you do­wn­lo­ad the app whi­le a­way from ho­me, ple­a­se be su­re to en­ter your ad­dress in the se­arch bar af­ter clicking on the blue Mu­ni­ci­pal Ward i­con.

Furt­her in­for­ma­ti­on a­bout Link is a­vai­la­ble at www.lin­

S­hould you wish to re­port a ser­vi­ce fault, the Dr Bey­ers Nau­dé Lo­cal Mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty’s new call cen­t­re can be con­tacted on either one of the­se num­bers 049 807 5800, 049 807 5801, 049 807 5802 and 049 807 5803. The call cen­t­re is o­pen fi­ve days a week, from 07:30 to 16:30. Out­si­de of the­se hours, faults can be re­por­ted to 078 151 4587 (En­gi­neer­ing and Plan­ning), 082 578 9869 (E­lec­tri­cal Ser­vi­ce) and 083 754 9908 (Fi­re Ser­vi­ces).

Ma­yor De­on de Vos, S­pea­ker T­hem­bi­sa Non­nies, Mu­ni­ci­pal Ma­na­ger dr. Ed­die Rankwa­na and the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty’s CFO He­leen Kok of­fi­ci­al­ly o­pe­ned the mu­ni­ci­pal call cen­t­re on F­ri­day.

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