On the day of the ex­am

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Ma­ke su­re you ha­ve all the ne­ces­sa­ry sta­ti­o­ne­ry for your ex­am, i.e. pens, pen­cils, e­raser and cal­cu­la­tor (with new bat­te­ries). Ma­ke su­re you bring your ID do­cu­ment and ex­a­mi­na­ti­on ad­mis­si­on let­ter.

Go to the toi­let be­fo­re en­te­ring the ex­am room. You don’t want to was­te va­lu­a­ble ti­me going to the toi­let du­ring the ex­am.

Use the 10 mi­nu­tes re­a­ding ti­me to re­ad the in­structi­ons ca­re­ful­ly. This helps to ‘o­pen’ the in­for­ma­ti­on in your brain. All que­s­ti­ons are com­pul­so­ry un­less in­di­ca­ted ot­her­wi­se, but you do not ha­ve to ans­wer them in or­der. S­tart with the que­s­ti­on you think is the e­a­siest to get the flow going.

B­re­ak the que­s­ti­ons do­wn to ma­ke su­re you un­der­stand w­hat is being as­ked. If you don’t ans­wer the que­s­ti­on pro­per­ly you won’t get any marks for it. Look for the ke­y­words in the que­s­ti­on to know how to ans­wer it.

Try all the que­s­ti­ons. Each que­s­ti­on has so­me e­a­sy marks in it so ma­ke su­re that you do all the que­s­ti­ons in the ex­am.

Ne­ver pa­nic, e­ven if the que­s­ti­on seems dif­fi­cult at first. It will be lin­ked to so­mething you ha­ve co­ve­r­ed. Find the con­necti­on.

Don’t was­te ti­me on que­s­ti­ons you are unsu­re of. Mo­ve on and co­me back if ti­me al­lows.

C­heck weig­hting – how ma­ny marks ha­ve been al­lo­ca­ted for your ans­wer? Do not gi­ve mo­re or less in­for­ma­ti­on than is re­qui­red.

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