Mu­sic lo­vers in­vi­ted to re­ci­tals

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Re­si­dents of Graaff-rei­net and sur­roun­ding a­re­as will ha­ve two op­por­tu­ni­ties to en­joy the ta­lent of the se­a­so­ned or­ga­nist, No­ël-je­an Creil­le, cur­rent­ly re­si­ding at Port Alf­red, who will be vi­si­ting Graaff-rei­net du­ring his an­nu­al tour.

Both re­ci­tals will ta­ke pla­ce at T­ri­ni­ty Met­ho­dist Church in Ca­le­don S­treet, Graaff-rei­net.

On T­hurs­day, 25 Oc­to­ber a “Sunset” re­ci­tal will ta­ke pla­ce at 18:00 and on Sa­tur­day, 27 Oc­to­ber at 10:00 a dif­fe­rent re­ci­tal pro­gram­me, which will al­so in­clu­de a Songs of Prai­se secti­on, w­he­re the au­dien­ce will be in­vi­ted to join in for so­me of the songs, will ta­ke pla­ce.

Af­ter­ward, e­ver­yo­ne is wel­co­med to a mor­ning tea, which you will be drin­king with your “pin­kie” in the air whi­le en­joying cu­cum­ber sand­wi­ches.

The cost is R100 per per­son per re­ci­tal, but s­hould you wish to at­tend both the cost is on­ly R150 per per­son.

Tic­kets are a­vai­la­ble from the Met­ho­dist Church of­fi­ce at 57 Ca­le­don S­treet. Ot­her­wi­se, con­tact Ma­ri­a­na E­vans at 049 892 2366 or 082 561 6923 to book your se­at.

No­ël-je­an stu­died or­gan, sin­ging, pi­a­no and com­po­si­ti­on at the then U­ni­ver­si­ty of the Oran­ge Free S­ta­te in Bloem­fon­tein. Du­ring the sum­mer and win­ter va­ca­ti­ons, he took mas­ter clas­ses with the fa­mous or­ga­nist, Ma­rié-clai­re Alain at the Sor­bon­ne in Pa­ris, Fran­ce.

He con­ti­nu­ed his stu­dies with Prof Ger­rit Bon snr. obtai­ning his M Mus with the the­sis: “The in­flu­en­ce of the Old Church Mo­des on G­re­go­ri­an C­hant”. His doc­to­ral stu­dy and re­se­arch de­alt with or­gan buil­ding.

His an­nu­al tour al­so ta­kes him o­ver­se­as, w­he­re this y­e­ar he will per­form in Leip­zig, Pas­sau, Mu­nich, Ri­pon, Dur­ham and Ro­me.

Se­a­so­ned or­ga­nist, No­ël-je­an Creil­le

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