Le­ar­ners tackle a on­ce in a li­fe­ti­me jour­ney

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The next ti­me you dri­ve the 54kms be­t­ween Graaff-rei­net and Nieu-bethesda, ta­ke cog­ni­san­ce of just far the dis­tan­ce is and how long it ta­kes in a car.

Then i­ma­gi­ne wal­king this dis­tan­ce (in fact - wal­king 65km), car­rying all you need to sur­vi­ve on your backs for fi­ve days.

This y­e­ar marks the thi­rd y­e­ar that the Gra­de 10 class of U­ni­on High School ha­ve par­ti­ci­pa­ted in their ‘O­dys­sey’ do­wn the Gats ri­ver ca­nyon, star­ting in Nieu-bethesda and en­ding in Graaff-rei­net.

This y­e­ar’s le­ar­ners wal­ked the furt­hest dis­tan­ce yet - co­ve­ring 65km on their jour­ney - a­ver­a­ging 15km per day.

U­ni­on’s O­dys­sey is in­deed a jour­ney of self­dis­co­ve­ry for the­se le­ar­ners who are af­f­or­ded the pri­vi­le­ge of wal­king through so­me of the most pris­ti­ne wil­der­ness that the Ka­roo has to of­fer.

Thanks are ex­ten­ded to the ge­ne­rous lan­do­w­ners - na­me­ly Pier­re and E­li­z­na Fou­rie, Ju­li­an Mur­ray, Jo­han Derk­sen and Pat­ty Coet­zee who al­low them access and camp­si­tes on their farms, U­ni­on’s Gra­de 10s are for­tu­na­te to call the Gats ca­nyon ho­me for fi­ve days and four nig­hts.

Ca­re­ful­ly se­lected sto­po­ver points are cho­sen for camps each e­ve­ning. A po­li­cy of ze­ro im­pact on the lands­ca­pe is a­dop­ted, and the­re is ab­so­lu­te­ly no e­vi­den­ce that a­nyo­ne pas­sed through the­se pla­ces w­hen they le­a­ve.

The le­ar­ners are gi­ven strin­gent talks on lit­ter, pol­lu­ti­on and the im­pact that hu­ma­ni­ty has on our pla­net. It is in­deed he­ar­te­ning to see the re­spect that tho­se who par­ta­ke in O­dys­sey s­how the en­vi­ron­ment that they are pri­vi­le­ged to use.

This y­e­ar, thanks to the good sno­w­falls du­ring the win­ter, the ri­ver was pris­ti­ne and could be u­sed for drin­king and swim­ming. Alt­hough tem­pe­ra­tu­res we­re still chil­ly in the e­ve­nings, hi­kers en­joy­ed re­fres­hing swims du­ring the cour­se of the day which soot­hed a­ching bo­dies and ti­red minds.

The Gra­de 10 class of U­ni­on High School re­cent­ly par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the an­nu­al ‘O­dys­sey’ do­wn the Gats ri­ver ca­nyon, star­ting in Nieu-bethesda and en­ding in Graaff-rei­net.

Ca­re­ful­ly se­lected sto­po­ver points are cho­sen.

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