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“It was just crim­i­nal­ity of our peo­ple that caused the at­tack,” said Van Vogue. An­other Scott’s Farm res­i­dent, Clau­dine Kaiser, said the com­mu­nity was miss­ing the shop­keep­ers and they should come back.

“We miss them a lot and they should come back to the lo­ca­tion. Even if you want bread now you have to walk all the way to town,” said Kaiser.

Ntoza­khe Mvana, from Tan­tyi, said the shop­keep­ers must come back to the lo­ca­tion.

“Me per­son­ally I want those guys to come back. We are suf­fer­ing here with­out them. There are no shops to buy even ba­sic things like paraf­fin or elec­tric­ity now,” Mvana said.


“We are go­ing to be mugged now be­cause we have to walk long dis­tances to buy in town. We are very sad of what hap­pened to the guys and their ab­sence has left a huge gap. “Some­times you just want to buy some­thing very small and there is no op­tion but to go to town,” said Mvana.

No­max­abiso Bete, from Tan­tyi, said the shop­keep­ers should re­turn to the lo­ca­tion and con­tinue with their busi­nesses as usual.

She said it was a strug­gle to live with­out them. Bete said a bet­ter way of bring­ing them back is needed ur­gently.

In Joza, peo­ple said the same thing and said the shop­keep­ers should re­turn to the lo­ca­tion.

Buy­iswa Mavis Way­isi said she was rent­ing out a flat to one of them.

She said the man was help­ing her a lot and she was miss­ing him now. Way­isi said she tried to pro­tect the man when the loot­ers came to his shop.

“I tried to fight with the loot­ers but I failed,” Way­isi said. “I was very wor­ried be­cause he was help­ing me a lot. If I didn’t have money and needed some­thing, I would go to him and ask for that thing.

“He would not hes­i­tate, but give me eas­ily, and I would later pay when I get money,” said Way­isi.

She said it was crim­i­nals who had looted the shops. She said one man who was lead­ing the loot­ers in that part of Joza was a well known thug who lives in the area..

“He was lead­ing the mob in all the shops that were looted here in this area. Even here in my yard he was the leader when they came to loot the shop of the guy who was rent­ing here,” he said.


“It was strange what hap­pened and I se­ri­ously con­demn it. I want those guys to come back. Even now my kids went to buy meat at Scott’s Farm be­cause there is no shop here,” said Way­isi.

In Ex­ten­sion 9, peo­ple also blamed the loot­ing on thugs.

Akhona Plaatjie said one of the shop­keep­ers rented space on her prop­erty. She said it was sad when peo­ple had come to loot that day.

Plaatjie em­pha­sised that the en­tire Gra­ham­stown com­mu­nity de­pends on them.

“We are suf­fer­ing now and we urge that this must be sorted out as soon as pos­si­ble. Their re­turn will make a huge dif­fer­ence to us in the com­mu­nity.

“There are kids who need bread for lunch at school eve-

‘ ry day. The kids used to go and buy the bread in the morn­ing, but now its a strug­gle.

“Right now elec­tric­ity in run­ning out here at home and some­one will have to go to town to buy it to­mor­row.

“If the guys were here we were go­ing to buy the elec­tric­ity now,” said Plaatjie.

Ntombizanele Wil­liams of Fingo lo­ca­tion said the shop­keep­ers should come back.

“We all de­pend on the Jackie Chan Henry store now. It be­comes so full since ev­ery­body is buy­ing there.

“My kid did not go to school the other day be­cause there was no bread for lunch.

“Those are the con­se­quences of the loot­ing.

“We are suf­fer­ing and the guys must come back,” said Wil­liams.

Photo: Anele Mjekula

Buy­iswa Way­isi tried to pro­tect a shopkeeper whose premises were looted last week. I tried to fight with the loot­ers, but I failed,‘ she said. Way­isa said a man leadi­ing the loot­ers was a well-known thug in Phumlani, here she lives.

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