Fish hooks late-night cell­phone bur­glar

Grocott's Mail - - NEWS - By SUE MACLENNAN

When Sanet Steyn woke up in the early hours of Mon­day morn­ing she was con­fused more than afraid when she saw an in­truder in her flat.

Steyn, who lives in a com­plex at the east end of African Street, said it was around 3.30am on Mon­day morn­ing when she was wo­ken by a light on in her flat.

She thought she must have for­got­ten to switch it off and got up to do so – but was con­fused to see a per­son stand­ing shin­ing a light into her fish tank and star­ing into it, clearly ab­sorbed and fas­ci­nated.

“What on earth are you do­ing?!” Steyn said. Star­tled, the in­truder ran out of the door, jumped over the fence and dis­ap­peared down the street.

It took a minute be­fore the fact that she’d had an in­truder set in, and Steyn ran to slam her door shut and looked for her phone to call Hi-tec Se­cu­rity.

It was only then she re­alised that her phone must have been the light the “rather short” in­truder must have been us­ing to watch the fish in the tank. Then with a shock she re­alised the in­truder must have been right be­side her while she was asleep. “My phone was next to me on my bed­side ta­ble,” she said. And the fish? “Noth­ing spe­cial,” she said later. “Just some very plain gup­pies.”

Steyn said there had been sev­eral in­ci­dents in the com­plex in re­cent weeks.

“I’m just grate­ful that’s hap­pened,” she said. all that

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