Grocott's Mail : 2020-06-26

Numeracy : 3 : 3


NUMERACY 3 Grocott’s Mail 26 JUNE 2020 The sum of the symbols of each row and column in the square are given. Can you find the value of each shape? Help each superhero to get to the bottom of their tower. Start at the first number in each tower and apply each operation shown as you go down the tower. Write your answer in the block at the bottom Each row and column in a magic square adds up to the same number. Fill in the missing numbers into the squares below: You should try to do these calculatio­ns mentally (without writing anything on paper). Ask someone to time you for each tower. You can try them as many times as you need to. Which superhero could get you to the bottom, with the correct answer, the quickest? Fill in the numbers 1 to 5 so that each line in the Z-shape adds up to 7 and in the Vshape adds up to 10. 1. Think of a three-digit number with DECREASING numbers (e.g. 642) 2. Reverse the order of the digits 246 6. Your answer is 1089 MAGIC MATH! Try this trick for yourself a few times. Does it really work with any number? Try to surprise a friend or family member with your trick. 3. Substract the smaller number from the bigger number 642-246=396 5. Add the numbers from step 3 and step 4 4. Reverse the answer you get 693 Solutions: Hedgehog (20); Cat (25); Bear (3); Rabbit (17); Dog (8); Monkey (15); Pig (51); Elephant (21); Hippo (13) The work of the South African Numeracy Chair Project, Rhodes University is supported by the Firstrand Foundation (with the RMB), Anglo American Chairman's fund, the Department of Science and Technology and the National Reserach Foundation. Additional funding for club work and resources is provided by the Vestas Empowermen­t Trust.

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