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Give a pair of plain cot­ton cur­tains a trendy new look by dip­ping them in di­luted

fab­ric paint.

Here’s how...

1 Wash the cur­tains to en­sure that they’re clean and dust-free. Don’t let them dry – the paint will cre­ate a graded ef­fect if they’re dipped when wet. It’s ad­vis­able to use un­lined cot­ton cur­tains as th­ese will ab­sorb the paint best. 2 Di­lute 250ml of fab­ric paint in 1 litre of wa­ter; make sure the paint is mixed well to pre­vent un­even blots on the fab­ric. 3 Pour wa­ter into a large plas­tic con­tainer (a baby’s bath tub works re­ally well!) un­til it’s about two-thirds full, and then add the paint so­lu­tion. Test the colour on a piece of of­f­cut cot­ton be­fore you start dip­ping. 4 Lower the wet cur­tain into the con­tainer with the head­ing of the cur­tain go­ing in first. The amount of fab­ric you sub­merge in the tub will de­pend on how much colour you want on the cur­tain. Leave the dipped end of the fab­ric to soak in the tub and hang the other end over a chair back.

To fin­ish

Af­ter soak­ing it for an hour, hang the cur­tain out to dry, tak­ing care that the undipped end doesn’t come into con­tact with the paint.

The cur­tain will be quite light in colour once it’s dried af­ter the first dip, so keep dip­ping and dry­ing it un­til you achieve the colour in­ten­sity you de­sire.

Iron the cur­tain once it has com­pletely dried af­ter the last dip to en­sure colour fast­ness.

Like the tri­an­gle pat­tern on the wall? It’s done with a stamp in An­nie Sloan’s Graphite paint. Ap­ply the paint on the stamp with a sponge roller and press it against the wall in an ir­reg­u­lar pat­tern to cre­ate a vi­brant fo­cal fea­ture. Or­der yours from...

Tip Use a large jar or bot­tle with a screw cap when diluting the paint so that you can give it a good shake – this will en­sure a lump-free mix­ture.

Shop­ping list • un­lined cot­ton cur­tains • Her­itage Fab­ric Paint (find it at PNA, Builders or craft shops) Tools • large plas­tic con­tainer or baby’s bath tub • piece of of­f­cut cot­ton • iron • bot­tle with screw cap

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