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Be­fore you start, find an im­age on the in­ter­net that you’d like to copy and print it in black and white. The sim­pler the im­age, the eas­ier your job will be! Pre­pare the wall

1 De­cide how big you want the mu­ral to be and then use a pen­cil and ruler to di­vide the space you want to paint into a grid of 50cm x 50cm blocks.

2 Now du­pli­cate the grid you drew on the wall on the printed im­age, us­ing smaller blocks

pro­por­tion­ate in size to the grid you drew on the wall. Our blocks were 5 x 5cm; in other words, we used a ra­tio of 1:10. Start draw­ing

3 Us­ing a pen­cil, copy what you see in each of the small blocks on your ref­er­ence im­age into each of the big­ger blocks on the wall, pro­por­tion­ately. Start with the branches and then do the twigs. Once you’re satisfied, colour the branches and twigs with a small, soft

paint­brush. Paint a sec­ond coat if nec­es­sary. Cre­ate a sten­cil

4 Us­ing an old X-ray, or sturdy ma­te­rial such as Priplak, draw two dif­fer­ent sized peach blos­soms by hand and then cut them out with your util­ity knife. Cre­ate the sta­men us­ing of­f­cuts of the ma­te­rial you used to make the sten­cil.

5 Cre­ate the blos­soms in one of two ways: ei­ther draw them with pen­cil, us­ing the sten­cil as your tem­plate (don’t for­get the sta­men), or add pops of colour with spray paint. Se­cure the blos­som sten­cils on the wall with Washi tape and the sta­men sten­cil with Prestik; pro­tect the area around the sten­cil with ex­tra paper. Spray over the sten­cils with spray paint; al­low it to dry thor­oughly be­fore you re­move the sten­cil.

6 Rub out any pen­cil marks and do touch-ups where nec­es­sary.

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