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Cre­ate a weath­ered look

1 A distressed tech­nique adds de­tail to the piece – for this you will need to first paint a base coat in one or more colours and then a top coat which cov­ers the base lay­ers com­pletely. When you sand the top coat, the base colours will show through. The first step is to paint the colours you want show­ing through; we used An­nie Sloan paint in the colours Hen­ri­etta and An­toinette.

2 Af­ter the base coats of paint are dry, ap­ply a solid layer of the top coat colour of your choice; we used An­nie Sloan Duck Egg Blue. Paint all the sec­tions and al­low to dry com­pletely.

3 Us­ing 220-grit sand­pa­per, sand those bits of the fur­ni­ture that would tend to weather nat­u­rally. You can choose to sand only a lit­tle or all the way down to the wood as we did.

Add a sten­cil

4 Make sure the en­tire piece of fur­ni­ture is clean and dry be­fore do­ing the sten­cilling; we used a rose sten­cil. Keep the sten­cil in place with pain­ter’s tape. Us­ing a sten­cil brush, dab the paint over the sten­cil; have fun play­ing with dif­fer­ent colours for the sten­cilling. Al­low to dry com­pletely. At this point, you can sand it down again – this works well to achieve the an­tique ef­fect we want to cre­ate.

Cre­ate a cracked var­nish fin­ish

5 An­nie Sloan Craque­leur is a two-part prod­uct. Ap­ply the crackle glaze or Craque­leur base coat first. The thicker you ap­ply the prod­uct, the deeper the cracks tend to be. Leave to dry.

6 Once the crackle base coat is dry, ap­ply the crackle top coat and al­low to dry. Once again, the thicker the layer, the deeper the cracks will be. The cracks only start ap­pear­ing af­ter this top coat is com­pletely dry; this could take a few hours. You can use a hairdryer to speed up the process but the di­rect heat could make wrin­kles in the prod­uct – rather let it dry nat­u­rally.

7 En­hance the cracks by ap­ply­ing An­nie Sloan Soft Wax (in the colour Brown or Black) with a mut­ton cloth, mak­ing sure to rub it into all the cracks – you could use a nar­row paint­brush to re­ally work the dark wax into all the nooks and cran­nies you’d like to high­light.

Tip Re­mem­ber to wipe off the paint dust as you sand.

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