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Hang in there

Bernard Gille­spie of Cape Town writes

We’d like to mount this plate ( see be­low) on a wall but there’s no fix­ing point on the back; it weighs 4.7kg and is 54cm in di­am­e­ter. All the plate hang­ers we’ve found are to­tally in­ad­e­quate and we can’t af­ford to take a chance on it break­ing! Can you help?

Ni­cholas Hen­shilwood, owner of Han­git­now, replies

I sug­gest you use an in­vis­i­ble plate hanger. They’re not read­ily avail­able in SA, but we do im­port them in small quan­ti­ties (about R55–R95 each) and I’ve used them with no prob­lems for the past 10 years.

It’s im­por­tant to fol­low the in­struc­tions care­fully: be sure to scour the back of the plate with a rough sponge and Vim or an abra­sive sub­stance to re­move any oils or waxes. Then add a lit­tle wa­ter to the back of the in­vis­i­ble plate hanger un­til the glue be­comes tacky. Af­ter about three min­utes, stick the plate hanger disk onto the plate in the cor­rect po­si­tion and leave it to dry for 12 hours. Test the hanger be­fore hang­ing it on the wall. Since your plate weighs more than 4kg and the max­i­mum weight limit on the 140mm plate hanger is 3kg, I’d sug­gest us­ing two and stick­ing them side by side. The 100mm plate hang­ers po­si­tioned side by side would also be suit­able and may be a bet­ter fit, depend­ing on the sur­face area. Visit han­git­ or call 082 374 8991.

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