Make a beau­ti­ful room di­vider

Need to break up a large space to de­fine smaller ar­eas? Make this beau­ti­ful room di­vider…

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• sticky tape • pen­cil • scis­sors • mask­ing tape • car­bon paper • pen • drill with 8mm drill bit • jig­saw • ruler or tape mea­sure • screw­driver • com­bi­na­tion square • g-clamps


• 1 220 x 3 050mm Xanita board (cut into four 1 525 x 610mm rec­tan­gles) • four 100mm T-hinges • six 30mm ny­lon swivel plate cas­tors • one 22 x 44 x 1 800mm pine plank • tem­plate • wood glue • twenty-four 3mm x 20mm screws • 100-grit sand­pa­per

Tip Use a small jig­saw blade for cut­ting out the neg­a­tive spa­ces as it makes go­ing around curves much eas­ier.

Shelly Bergh


1 Down­load the tem­plate from (it has been di­vided into A4 pages that you can stick to­gether) and print. Lay the printed pages out and stick them to­gether with sticky tape. Fill in the ar­eas that didn’t print on the edges of the pages with a pen­cil, and cut out the tem­plate on the outer edge. There are two dif­fer­ent de­signs: one in­tri­cate and one sim­ple; we used a com­bi­na­tion of both. The more in­tri­cate the de­sign, the more time-con­sum­ing it is to cut out. 2

2 Use mask­ing tape to at­tach the tem­plate to one of the Xanita board rec­tan­gles and trace the de­sign onto the board us­ing the car­bon paper and ball­point pen. You will need to move the car­bon paper as you go. Re­peat on two more boards. Tip Mark the neg­a­tive spa­ces (these are the spa­ces you will cut out) with an X as you go; this will make it eas­ier when cut­ting.

3 Us­ing the 8mm drill bit, drill pilot holes in the neg­a­tive spa­ces to ac­com­mo­date the jig­saw blade. >> 3


4 Now care­fully cut out all the neg­a­tive spa­ces with the jig­saw. Sand the edges when you’re done cut­ting.

5 At­tach the screens to each other with the hinges; at­tach one 400mm from the base and an­other one 400mm from the top. Re­mem­ber that one pair would go on one side of the screens and the other pair on the other side, so your di­vider can ‘con­certina’.

8 Use the wood glue to glue the Xanita pieces in-be­tween two tim­ber pieces with one edge lin­ing up. Make six of these. Use the clamps to ap­ply pres­sure for about an hour while the glue cures. 8

9 At­tach a cas­tor to the base of each leg with the 3mm x 20mm screws. 10 Glue the legs to the base of your screens with wood glue about 150mm from the edges; ap­ply pres­sure while the glue sets. 5 10 9 6 7

To make the legs (op­tional)

6 Cut a 44mm strip of Xanita board from the re­main­ing rec­tan­gle. Mea­sure and mark six 50mm in­ter­vals on the Xanita strip. Mea­sure and mark twelve 150mm in­ter­vals on the tim­ber.

7 Clamp the tim­ber to your work sur­face and cut with a jig­saw. (You can change back to your reg­u­lar jig­saw blade now). Do the same with the Xanita strip.

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