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Us­ing pine beams or gum poles is the sim­plest op­tion when it comes to the sup­port struc­ture of your deck. “I pre­fer wood as it can even out­last steel with the cor­rect treat­ment,” says Gareth.

Rika blocks are an al­ter­na­tive foun­da­tion on which to con­struct your deck. These con­crete blocks are placed 1.5m apart, at most, and have pre­fab­ri­cated slots into which the sup­port struc­ture fits. They can also be used on sloped sur­faces, as long as each block is level with the ground. Ad­just the height of your posts ac­cord­ingly and in­sert in the blocks.

If you live in a coastal area, make sure to use gal­vanised screws, nuts and wash­ers to avoid rust­ing. You can also use body filler that’s stained to the same colour as the deck­ing ma­te­rial if you don’t want the screw holes to be vis­i­ble; oth­er­wise, use a spe­cialised hid­den fas­tener deck jig (in­set) which at­taches the screws on the side of each piece of tim­ber in­stead of on the sur­face.



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