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Take your own cut­tings

Pe­largo­ni­ums are easy to prop­a­gate from seed and even eas­ier to grow from cut­tings. Plants grown from cut­tings will bloom within three to six months. If you take cut­tings in spring or sum­mer, you’ll see good growth quite quickly. In au­tumn, when you prune your ma­ture plants, you can also use those trim­mings to make new plants. Here’s how:

Choose a strong and healthy mother plant. Use the top part of a stem with growth that has al­ready hard­ened, but is not woody. The stem must be about 15cm long with three to five nodes. Us­ing clean, sharp se­ca­teurs, cut off the stem just be­low a leaf.

If the stem has flow­ers, trim them off. Re­move the leaves from the lower half, leav­ing a few leaves at the top of the cut­ting.

If it is a pe­largo­nium with large leaves, trim each leaf by about a third to re­duce mois­ture loss.

In­sert the cut­ting half­way into a pot with well-drained pot­ting soil. Keep moist but not wet. Place the pot in the shade and move it to a sunny spot as soon as new leaves emerge.

When it has formed enough roots, it is ready for trans­plant­ing. Test by gen­tly tug­ging on the plant; if there’s a bit of re­sis­tance, it has suf­fi­cient roots. >>

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