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Pro­fes­sion­als talk about lights and light­ing de­signs mak­ing their way into ours homes. Pen­dants: ‘Retro ware­house and barn me­tal pen­dants with brush-painted tech­niques in in­dus­trial an­tique, pas­tels or plain whites, cop­per and blacks are a big trend,’ says Melissa David­son, The Light­ing Ware­house. LEDS: ‘LED light­ing is func­tional in many ar­eas and can be used for dec­o­ra­tive, task and out­door light­ing. LED strip light­ing is still a grow­ing trend that’s dec­o­ra­tive and func­tional when used un­der coun­ters in draw­ers and cup­boards,’ says Eli Kalmi, K. Light Im­port. Chan­de­liers are used in func­tional ar­eas like kitchens and bath­rooms and car­bon fil­a­ment bulbs as pen­dants and lamps.

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Soho pen­dant in Blue R550, The Light­ing Ware­house

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