Si­mon­sig Pino­tage 2007

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for the pizza base

10g salt 21/ yeast 50g lard 30g olive oil 250ml luke­warm wa­ter 500g white flour

for the top­ping

500g veni­son sir­loin salt and pep­per olive oil for fry­ing 25ml stock 180g rasp­ber­ries 50g but­ter 25g rose­mary 20g salt 25ml olive oil 180g fresh rocket 10g black truf­fles

Makes 5

Gen­tly heat the salt, yeast, lard and olive oil in the wa­ter un­til the lard has melted and then add the mix­ture to the flour. (If the yeast is over­heated at this stage it can be­come in­ac­tive.) Knead gen­tly for five min­utes. Brush with oil, cover with a damp cloth and leave to rise for five hours in a 40°C oven. Sea­son veni­son with salt and pep­per. Brown the meat in a large fry­ing pan in a lit­tle olive oil. Re­move the veni­son and set the pan aside. Al­low the meat to cool and slice very thinly. Deglaze the pan with the stock, add 80g of rasp­ber­ries and bring the liq­uid to the boil, al­low­ing it to bub­ble for a few sec­onds. Re­move from the heat and, whisk­ing vig­or­ously, add the but­ter to the liq­uid.

Chop 18g of the rose­mary very finely, mix­ing it with the salt. Set aside the re­main­ing rose­mary.

Di­vide the pizza dough into five por­tions, and stretch into 5mm-thick bases, brush­ing the dough with olive oil and sea­son­ing it with rose­mary salt as you work. Bake in a pre­heated oven for five min­utes at 230°C, or for three min­utes at 380°C. Re­move from the oven and add the rocket, fol­lowed by the thinly sliced veni­son and the re­main­ing rasp­ber­ries. Top with the rose­mary stalks. Place the pizza in the oven for another minute, re­move and top with shav­ings of black truf­fle, and driz­zle with the sauce. Sea­son with rose­mary salt and serve.

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