Cre­ation Syrah Gre­nache 2009 –

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3 eggs 6 egg yolks 195g caster sugar 75g dark cho­co­late 525ml cream 75g white cho­co­late 3T cho­co­late al­mond

bis­cotti, crushed 75g milk cho­co­late 3T hon­ey­comb, crushed

Serves 6

Line a 16x8x6cm loaf tin with cling­film, en­sur­ing that it hangs over the edges of the mould and is smooth.

Place one egg and two egg yolks in an elec­tric mixer, and whisk on high speed. Place 65g sugar in a small saucepan with enough wa­ter to dampen it. Heat over medium tem­per­a­ture and cook to soft-ball stage (116°C on a sugar ther­mome­ter), or un­til the sugar re­sem­bles a thick syrup and there is slight carameli­sa­tion around the sides of the saucepan. Im­me­di­ately re­move from the heat and pour in a con­stant stream into the whisk­ing eggs, re­duc­ing the speed to medium. Once all the sugar syrup has been added, in­crease the speed to high, and whisk un­til light and very fluffy.

Melt the dark cho­co­late in a dou­ble boiler over gen­tle heat, and fold into the egg mix­ture. Whip 175ml cream to stiff peaks and gen­tly fold into the cho­co­late mix­ture. Pour into the lined mould, spread evenly and freeze. En­sure that each layer is frozen be­fore mak­ing the next.

Re­peat the process, this time fold­ing in the melted white cho­co­late and finely crushed cho­co­late al­mond bis­cotti. Fold in 175ml cream, again whipped to stiff peaks, pour the mix­ture over the dark cho­co­late par­fait layer, spread evenly and freeze.

Re­peat the process with the re­main­ing in­gre­di­ents, fold­ing in the melted milk cho­co­late and crushed hon­ey­comb. Whip the re­main­ing cream, fold into the mix­ture and pour over the white cho­co­late par­fait layer. Freeze un­til ready to serve. Gar­nish with piped whipped cream, shards of dark cho­co­late, crushed hon­ey­comb and crushed bis­cotti.

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