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for the or­ange vanilla

½ small onion, sliced 10g but­ter 50ml dry white wine 200ml fresh or­ange juice zest of 1 or­ange 1 vanilla pod, split length­ways and seeds scraped out 50ml cream 60g un­salted but­ter a pinch of salt juice of 1 le­mon

for the en­dives

4 en­dives 100g sugar 60g but­ter

for the fen­nel salad

2 fen­nel bulbs 15g salt juice of 1 le­mon 20ml ex­tra-vir­gin olive oil

for the seared scal­lops

20ml ex­tra-vir­gin olive oil 12 scal­lops salt ½ or­ange, juiced 10g but­ter juice of ½ le­mon mi­cro herbs 4 baby onions, roasted 1 or­ange, seg­mented

and seared

Serves 4

Sweat the onion in 10g but­ter un­til soft and translu­cent. Add the wine and cook for a fur­ther minute. Add the or­ange juice, zest and vanilla seeds, re­duce by half, then add the cream and re­duce by a third. Re­move from the heat and whisk in the 60g but­ter. Pass the mix­ture through a fine sieve, add a pinch of salt and a squeeze of le­mon juice, and keep warm.

Slice the en­dives into fine strips, length­wise. Heat a large fry­ing pan and add the sugar, leav­ing it to caramelise. Add the but­ter and en­dives. Con­tinue to cook un­til the en­dives are soft and bit­ter­sweet.

Shave the fen­nel thinly. Add the salt and al­low to cure for 20 min­utes. Wash the fen­nel well in cold run­ning wa­ter, squeez­ing out any ex­cess liq­uid. Add the le­mon juice and olive oil.

For the scal­lops, heat 20ml ex­tra-vir­gin olive oil in a heavy-based fry­ing pan and add the scal­lops. Sea­son with salt and en­sure the meat is suf­fi­ciently browned be­fore turn­ing it over. Add the juice of half an or­ange, the but­ter and a squeeze of le­mon. Baste the scal­lops with the juice mix­ture for three to four min­utes, un­til just cooked. Re­move from the pan and pour the re­main­ing sauce over them.

Place three piles of caramelised en­dives in the mid­dle of each plate, and top each pile with a scal­lop. Stack a small heap of fen­nel salad next to the en­dives and scal­lops, and spoon the or­ange vanilla around the dish. Gar­nish with mi­cro herbs, roasted baby onions and seared or­ange seg­ments.

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