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1.5kg pota­toes, peeled and cut

into thick chips veg­etable oil for deep fry­ing 125g but­ter 2 large onions, finely diced 1 fil­let salmon trout 250ml white wine 500g sliced smoked salmon 150g cream cheese 2 le­mons, zested and juiced salt and pep­per 50ml thick cream

Par­boil the pota­toes in salted wa­ter. Once ten­der, re­move from the wa­ter and pat dry with pa­per towel. Heat the veg­etable oil in a large saucepan and deep fry the pota­toes un­til golden brown. Drain on pa­per towel.

Heat the but­ter in a fry­ing pan and sauté the onions un­til translu­cent. Place the salmon trout fil­let on top of the onions and cook for about one and a half min­utes per side. Re­move the fish from the onions and set it aside. Add the white wine to the onions and re­duce over medium heat un­til thick, then set aside.

To make a salmon mousse, place 200g of the smoked salmon in a blender with the cream cheese, le­mon zest and le­mon juice. Sea­son and blend un­til com­pletely smooth, then add the cream and blend un­til well com­bined.

Lightly grease a ter­rine mould or loaf tin and line it with a large piece of cling­film so that it hangs over the edges. Line the bot­tom and sides of the mould with the re­main­ing smoked salmon, al­low­ing it to hang over the edges. Place a layer of pota­toes on the bot­tom of the ter­rine mould and cover with a layer of half the onion mix­ture. Spread half of the mousse on top of the onion and lay the salmon trout fil­let on top. Spread the re­main­ing mousse on top of the salmon trout, top with a layer of potato and cover with the re­main­ing onions. Fold in the smoked salmon that is hang­ing over the edges of the mould to seal the ter­rine, adding more to cover any holes if nec­es­sary. Tightly wrap the cling­film over the top of the salmon and weigh the top of the ter­rine down. Re­frig­er­ate overnight and serve with a sum­mer salad of baby leaves, finely chopped red pep­per, baby radish and melba toast.

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