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MARITIME Business Institute (MBI) is now positioning itself as a leading Institute that provides students with work readiness qualifications and guarantees them work experience. MBI is also providing graduates with excellent employment opportunities.

Currently, MBI is guaranteeing students work experience for the following qualifications:

These occupational qualifications, which are accredited by the Department Council for Trades & Occupations knowledge as well as practical and work experience modules, as curriculums.

The exciting news is that MBI will be placing 50 of its graduates in gainful employment in the Port of Durban from February 2018. More students will be placed in shipping and port-related companies during the course of the year. MBI is ideally situated at its brand new Terminal, allowing students easy access to the port.

Those students with a matric certificate must be aware that 4 qualification and they should now endeavour to progress to a of wasting an additional two years of studying, when they could be employed in this time.

“Come visit us and we will show you how you could be employed within one year after completing your qualification with us,” says Jay Ramkissoon, CEO of MBI.

“We have limited spaces for the work readiness occupational qualifications, so students are encouraged to book their place have a university articulation route. Whether you have failed matric, passed matric or just did not make the university points, we will offer you an adequate solution to put you on the path to gaining a qualification and boosting your employment opportunities.”

Visit MBI at: Durban Campus: 62 Bay Terrace (Opposite Transnet Car Terminal), Richards Bay Campus: AVKN Complex, 41 Dollar Drive

The MBI registration fee is R500 and tuition fees are low, with affordable installments. Free wi-fi facilities are available. to deserving students.

MBI students employed at a logistics and warehouse company.

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