Lizard walks (1 set of 10) 90/90 90 hip flex (1 set of 10) Iso­met­ric crunch h (1 set of 10) Bear crawls (1 set of 10) 0)

Kick Off - - Allacess Hlubi VS Amo -

BEN­E­FITS: “You want to work the body be­fore you start with any ex­er­cise,” says Hlubi. “These are called mo­bil­ity drills and they work well, es­pe­cially for your joints and the mus­cles. The hip flexor is great to loosen the hips, ps, while the iso­met­ric met­ric crunch is great t for your core. I’m’m a moun­tain biker, ker, so I’m a stick­ler er for core. [Hlubi bi also spots killer er six pack abs, FYI]. Bear crawls are great at for your glutes s and ham­strings.”


SETS: 2 sets­set of f 10 squats, 2 sets of 20 jump lunges (with a 1 minute break). Move from 10 squats straight to 20 jump lunges be­fore tak­ing a break and do­ing an­other set. BEN­E­FITS: Hlubi says: “This is a su­per set and what I like about it is that it’s a trans­fer of power from legto-leg, and it’s all about power. It’s about ply­o­met­rics, which is leg power that foot­ballers need. If you do this, you ac­ti­vate your core. If your legs and core are strong, you’re in­de­struc­tible.”


[ With part­ner and ball] Step in be­tween each rung of a laid-out lad­der briskly and once you get to the end, kick-pass the ball with the in-step of your left and right foot and com­plete two head­ers back to your part­ner. SETS: 3 sets (a set com­prises step-overs from leftto-right, right-to-left and side-to-side) BEN­E­FITS: Im­proves agility, ball con­trol, ball skills and works your car­dio. “You just need to dance,” Amogelang says.y


Bal­ance on the BOSU ball and at­tempt to ac­cu­rately strike the ball back to your part­ner us­ing your left foot, right foot (the up­per area of the foot) and head. SETS: 5 strikes per foot is one set. Re­peat as many times as nec­es­sary. BEN­E­FITS: “These help pre­vent in­juries dur­ing a game,” says Amogelang. “These ex­er­cises train your joints and mus­cles to an­tic­i­pate what­ever an­gle the ball comes at. I need it be­cause I’m a mid­fielder and most of the time I’m dis­tribut­ing the ball.“

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