SANParks trails re­a­dy for wal­king, cy­cling and run­ning

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Af­ter as­ses­sments in the Har­ker­vil­le a­rea of the Gar­den Rou­te Na­ti­o­nal (GRNP) park fo­rest, al­so part of the Knys­na secti­on of the GRNP, day hi­king and cy­cling rou­tes are now acces­si­ble to the pu­blic.

Wor­ld fa­mous moun­tain bi­king cy­cling trails are o­pen ex­cept for the Red Rou­te. This is main­ly due to e­ro­si­on and loo­se rocks al­ong the trail. The trail te­am is still wor­king on the rou­te.

All ot­her cy­cling trails in Har­ker­vil­le are acces­si­ble in­clu­ding Gras­pad (black rou­te), the Blue, Yel­low and G­reen Rou­tes.

Day trails o­pen

T­he­se in­clu­de the Per­de­kop 9km walk which is a g­reen flag sta­tus trail, Gar­den of E­den, Wi­tels and Krans­hoek Flo­ra Trail.

The mul­ti-day Har­ker­vil­le Coastal Trail and the Krans­hoek Vie­w­point re­main clo­sed af­ter the fi­re.

Ac­cor­ding to Se­ni­or Ran­ger in Har­ker­vil­le Ni­co Oost­hui­zen, “we should ha­ve the Krans­hoek trail o­pen by F­ri­day but the bar­riers on the Krans­hoek Day Trail still need to be re­pla­ced and e­ro­si­on con­t­rol work must still be do­ne.”

The Per­de­kop Trail is re­a­dy for the FNB Fo­rest Fa­mi­ly Hi­ke e­vent for the Oys­ter Fe­s­ti­val, Ju­ly 10, and rou­tes on the Pe­trus se Brand we­re al­so o­pe­ned for the u­p­co­ming Pick n Pay Cy­cling tour.

SANParks re­a­dy for cy­clis­ts, wal­kers and run­ners.

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