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Mo­men­tum Ca­pe Ti­mes Knys­na Fo­rest Ma­ra­thon, Wa­ter­front Dri­ve, Knys­na. W­het­her you com­pe­te in the half (21km) or the full (42km) ver­si­on, the ra­ce of­fers se­ver­al u­ni­que high­lig­hts found in no ot­her ra­ce a­ny­w­he­re in the wor­ld. Much of the run ta­kes pla­ce deep in the fo­rest with a bre­at­hta­king view o­ver the Knys­na es­tu­a­ry in­to The He­ads, for in­spi­ra­ti­on to­wards the fi­nish. If you ha­ven’t do­ne this ra­ce yet, it’s an ab­so­lu­te must.

Hout­klap­per Trail Run, Goud­veld, Knys­na. This run of­fers three rou­tes of va­rying lengt­hs and dif­fi­cul­ty, ta­king run­ners through the fo­re­sts ma­de fa­mous by aut­hor Da­le­ne Ma­thee (Ci­r­cles in the Fo­rest, Fie­la’s Child, Moer­bei­bos and ot­hers). The 15km and 27km rou­tes ha­ve been cho­sen not on­ly to chal­len­ge in­ter­me­di­a­te to ex­pe­rien­ced trail run­ners but to pro­vi­de an op­por­tu­ni­ty to ex­pe­rien­ce the dee­pest se­crets at the he­art of the Knys­na fo­rest. Sing­le­track and ter­rain to ex­ci­te trail run­ners of all a­bi­li­ty, in­clu­ding an e­a­sier rou­te for the be­gin­ner trail run­ner of 9km.


Ca­tch Al­bert Mein­tjies li­ve at Surf Café in P­let­ten­berg Bay. With his u­ni­que voi­ce, bril­li­ant son­g­wri­ting and ex­cep­ti­o­nal guit­ar techni­ques, Mein­tjes has been en­ter­tai­ning au­dien­ces sin­ce 1996 in Lon­don, Cro­a­tia, Sey­chel­les, Mo­zam­bi­que, Cu­ba, Botswa­na, Zim­bab­we, Na­mi­bia, Egypt, Bel­gi­um, The Net­her­lands, Ni­ge­ria and Ke­nya and his de­but so­lo al­bum, The Very Si­len­ce of Wai­ting in This Pla­ce has re­cent­ly been re­le­a­sed.

Mein­tjes has al­so re­le­a­sed two al­bums with S­ci­cou­stic (of which he has been the front­man for the past 16 y­e­ars), and one al­bum as Al­grecko fe­a­tu­ring G­reg Ge­or­gi­a­des.

Mein­tjes is no stran­ger on the mu­sic sce­ne and has been acti­ve sin­ce 1996. High­lig­hts in his long-stan­ding ca­reer in­clu­de his per­for­man­ce with New Porn al­ongs­i­de Ar­no Car­stens, sup­por­ting the Me­tal­li­ca tour. He al­so shared the sta­ge with so­me of the top ar­tis­ts in South A­fri­ca li­ke Al­bert Frost, An­ton La’mour, Ka­ren Zoid, Va­li­ant Swart, S­haun Mor­gan (Seet­her), Hugo De Waal, La­ni van der Walt, G­reg Ge­or­gi­a­des, S­te­ve Ne­w­man, Guy Col­lins, Ge­rald Clark, Piet Bo­tha, Gi­an Groen and Mo­soeu Ket­le­le just to na­me a few.

He is al­so one of the first mu­si­ci­ans in SA to be fe­a­tu­red on La­y­ar, an aug­men­ted re­a­li­ty (AR) app that al­lows u­sers and fans an un­pre­ce­den­ted ex­pe­rien­ce with his mu­sic and con­tent. This fe­a­tu­re is now acces­si­ble to do­wn­lo­ad on all ma­jor mo­bi­le app plat­forms. – Sup­p­lied

Af­ter ha­ving to pos­t­po­ne this gat­her­ing last month, the Knys­na His­to­ri­cal So­cie­ty in­vi­tes you to ta­ke “A Look at the his­to­ry of the Knys­na South We­stern Rai­l­way to­get­her with a pic­to­ri­al ram­ble a­round so­me cot­ta­ges and ru­ral a­bo­des in the We­stern Ca­pe”. Join Al­len Duff at 17:30 s­harp in Ce­arn Hall, Leisure Isle. Mem­bers and their gue­sts on­ly, p­le­a­se.


The Ou­te­ni­qua Branch of the Den­dro­lo­gi­cal So­cie­ty of SA is ha­ving an ou­ting at 10:00 to the Rooi­kraal Farm Fo­rest on the Bar­ring­ton Ro­ad. We will be wal­king in­to a fo­rest, u­n­af­fected by the fi­res, which slo­pes do­wn to the Wi­tels ri­ver, a tri­bu­ta­ry of the Hom­ti­ni ri­ver. Af­ter­wards, en­joy a BYO pi­cnic in the gar­den. Di­recti­ons: On the N2, a­bout 5km east of Sed­ge­field, turn rig­ht from Knys­na, left from Sed­ge­field, on­to the Ka­ra­ta­ra Ro­ad, car­ry on straig­ht up the Bar­ring­ton Ro­ad for a­bout 15km. The turn-off to Rooi­kraal is al­most op­po­si­te to the Te­ni­qua Tree­tops en­tran­ce. We­ar wal­king shoes, suns­creen and hats. Vi­si­tors are wel­co­me (R20). Child­ren free. In­fo: Jen­ny Herd 044-343-1937 / S­tewart Herd 083-602-0755.


The Mo­tor­cy­cle Room mu­seum, T­he­sen Isle, Knys­na (dai­ly). In­fo: 082-414-5167 or www.the­mo­tor­cy­cle­room.co.za.

San Am­bro­sio Church mu­seum in the Gou­na Fo­rest, Knys­na (dai­ly). In­fo: 044-3829762 or in­fo@vi­sit­knys­na.co.za.

Fo­rest Le­gend Mu­seum & Café, Diep­wal­le, Knys­na (dai­ly). In­fo: 044-382-9762.

Mil­l­wood Hou­se mu­seum, Knys­na (MonSat). In­fo: 044-302-6320.

P­led­ge Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve rig­ht in the he­art of Knys­na, w­he­re the­re is al­so a monthly full-moon walk. In­fo: Knys­na Tou­rism 044382-5510 / in­fo@pled­ge­na­tu­re­re­ser­ve.org. P­LE­A­SE NO­TE, due to the fi­re, P­led­ge Na­tu­re Re­ser­ve is clo­sed until furt­her no­ti­ce.


The Ro­ta­ry Club of Knys­na meets at the Knys­na Y­acht Club from 12:30 on­wards for the lunch meet­ing from 13:00 to 14:00. All vi­si­ting Ro­ta­ri­ans are wel­co­me as well as po­ten­ti­al new mem­bers.


The Knys­na Em­broi­de­ry Guild meets at 09:30 at the Knys­na Bo­w­ling Club in Raw­son S­treet. Vi­si­tors wel­co­me, R20. In­fo: Ber­ry 082-216-9666 or da­vid­pren­ti­ce25@y­a­hoo. co.uk.


Knys­na Net­wor­king meet and share bu­si­ness i­de­as and sup­port our mem­bers. For mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on con­tact Gu­drun on 072-6994174.


Sed­ge­field: Wild Oats Com­mu­ni­ty Far­mers’ Mar­ket (an a­ward-win­ning mar­ket with o­ver 60 stalls of the fi­nest lo­cal farm pro­du­ce, ho­me ba­kes, plants and flo­wers, out­door bre­ak­fast and li­ve mu­sic), S­ca­rab Craft Vil­la­ge and Mo­saic Mar­ket, all in c­lo­se prox­i­mi­ty al­ong the N2.

P­let­ten­berg Bay: Har­ker­vil­le Mar­ket of­fers food, art and craft and mo­re, on the N2 mid­way be­t­ween Knys­na and P­let­ten­berg Bay.

Knys­na Par­krun, free, ti­med 5km run e­very Sa­tur­day at 08:00, star­ting at gras­sed a­rea next to the scout hall in Ge­or­ge Rex Dri­ve. The aim is to pro­mo­te he­alth and fit­ness. To re­gis­ter go to www.par­krun. co.za and fol­low in­structi­ons and print your u­ni­que bar­co­de, to be broug­ht to e­very e­vent. For as­sis­tan­ce, call in at John Win­field Op­to­me­trist’s of­fi­ce 28 Wa­ter­front Dri­ve (be­low Glow beau­ty sa­lon), and the s­taff the­re will kind­ly as­sist you with the re­gis­tra­ti­on.


For a com­pre­hen­si­ve lis­ting of w­hat to en­joy in the Gre­a­ter Knys­na a­rea, from sport and en­ter­tai­n­ment, na­tu­re walks and cy­cling, pla­ces to stay and di­ning, to arts and cul­tu­re, ha­ve a look at the Knys­na Tou­rism web­si­te on www.vi­sit­knys­na.co.za/t­hings-to-do.

* Send de­tailed no­ti­ces of your e­vents, from meet­ings and fun­drai­sers to re­gu­lar get­to­get­hers, to ri­a­nas@grou­pe­di­tors.co.za. This must re­ach us by 15:00 on a Mon­day.

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