Lo­cal ar­tist sho­w­ca­ses in P­lett

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Mar­tin de Kock is hos­ting his so­lo art exhi­bi­ti­on in P­let­ten­berg Bay this week.

The show o­pe­ned on Tu­es­day, Ju­ly 11 and will con­ti­nue until Sa­tur­day, Ju­ly 15 at Milkwood Fra­ming and Gal­le­ry, Flo­ri­na Pla­ce, Main S­treet.

De Kock was born in 1967 in South A­fri­ca and mos­t­ly grew up in P­re­to­ria. His fat­her John­ny is al­so an ar­tist, and it in­flu­en­ced him to cre­a­te art, not on­ly by ge­ne­ti­cs. Ho­li­daying in P­let­ten­berg Bay for y­e­ars was a high­lig­ht, e­very ti­me. A d­re­am ca­me true w­hen he was a­ble to mo­ve the­re per­ma­nent­ly, fi­ve y­e­ars ago.

De Kock stu­died graphic art and al­so does paint techni­ques and de­co­ra­ti­ve pain­ting on fur­ni­tu­re.

He was in­vol­ved in va­ri­ous so­lo and group exhi­bi­ti­ons in South A­fri­ca and Fran­ce o­ver the y­e­ars, in­clu­ding the As­so­ci­a­ti­on of Arts in P­re­to­ria (four ti­mes). He was a fi­na­list in the Sa­sol New Sig­na­tu­re Art com­pe­ti­ti­on in 2009. His works ha­ve been sold in gal­le­ries throug­hout South A­fri­ca and the wor­ld.

He says he is in­flu­en­ced gre­at­ly by Pi­cas­so and im­pres­si­o­nism.

De Kock u­sed to be rig­ht-han­ded, but af­ter a brain o­pe­ra­ti­on to cor­rect an a­neu­rysm 21 y­e­ars ago (re­sulting in a stro­ke at 26 y­e­ars of age), he now paints with his left hand. It was his pas­si­on for art that wil­led him to walk, talk and es­pe­ci­al­ly paint a­gain.

Lo­cal­ly, De Kock has had the sup­port of the kind bu­si­ness pe­op­le of P­lett and Knys­na. His art has been dis­play­ed in gal­le­ries, in­te­ri­or shops and re­stau­rants in both towns.

He had a few group and so­lo exhi­bi­ti­ons du­ring the past y­e­ars until his la­test exhi­bi­ti­on at Milkwood Fra­ming and Gal­le­ry. He works with oil on can­vas and pa­per, functi­o­nal pot­te­ry pla­tes and sculp­tu­re.

Al­so join him at the P­lett Arts Fe­s­ti­val o­pen nig­ht on T­hurs­day, Ju­ly 13 from 17:00. En­joy soup and sher­ry or wi­ne.— Sup­p­lied

* In­fo: Mar­tin 073-668-7836 / A­dri 082-9286026.

P­ho­to: Sup­p­lied

One of Mar­tin de Kock’s art­works that will be on view du­ring his so­lo exhi­bi­ti­on.

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