‘Oom Hert­zog will tru­ly be mis­sed’

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“Oom Hert­zog”, as kno­wn by his ma­ny f­riends, pas­sed a­way on the day that the fi­re star­ted in Knys­na, af­ter suf­fe­ring a se­ve­re stro­ke in the week be­fo­re the di­sas­ter, at the bles­sed age of 91 y­e­ars. The me­mo­ri­al ser­vi­ce was held on Mon­day, Ju­ne 12.

Mr Kluyts star­ted e­ar­ly in his young li­fe as an ap­pren­ti­ce in the then thri­ving lo­cal fur­ni­tu­re bu­si­ness.

In tho­se days, vi­si­tors who ca­me to Knys­na, ma­ny so­meti­mes for a day trip on the C­hooT­joe train, re­cog­ni­sed the ex­cel­lent ta­lent and crafts­mans­hip he sho­wed in ma­king the fur­ni­tu­re.

He first ma­de a very bold mo­ve to start his own s­mall fac­to­ry in Knys­na cen­tral, w­he­re he fo­cu­sed main­ly on the ma­nu­fac­tu­ring of fi­ne qua­li­ty fur­ni­tu­re. With his wi­fe An­na at his si­de, their sheer hard work, de­di­ca­ti­on and the qua­li­ty fur­ni­tu­re that ca­me from this fac­to­ry paid off as the bu­si­ness blos­so­med – it was ti­me to ex­pand.

By­laws of the to­wn chan­ged and he nee­ded to re­lo­ca­te to Knys­na In­dus­tri­al A­rea. This mo­ve ga­ve him the op­por­tu­ni­ty to e­rect a mo­dern fac­to­ry still kno­wn to­day as Kluyts & Co, which af­f­or­ded and pla­ced him in a po­si­ti­on to ha­ve am­ple spa­ce a­vai­la­ble to a­cqui­re so­me of the be­st wood­pro­ces­sing and wood­wor­king ma­chi­ne­ry of the day.

Du­ring his ti­me of o­w­ners­hip in Kluyts & Co, he ma­na­ged to build and or­ga­ni­cal­ly grew the com­pa­ny and at one sta­ge em­ploy­ed a he­althy s­taff com­po­nent of 60 full-ti­me em­ploy­ees.

Mr Kluyts took part in ma­ny in­ter­na­ti­o­nal exhi­bits, one of which was in Dal­las, Tex­as, USA to sho­w­ca­se South A­fri­can fi­ne fur­ni­tu­re. He was a gre­at and hum­ble man who pro­du­ced a proud, in­ter­na­ti­o­nal­ly re­cog­ni­sed pro­duct from the soil of Knys­na.

His wood cre­a­ti­ons bring tre­men­dous joy and sin­ce­re ap­pre­ci­a­ti­on not just lo­cal­ly but in­ter­na­ti­o­nal­ly.

Hert­zog Kluyts will tru­ly be mis­sed.

He will be re­mem­be­red by his fa­mi­ly, f­riends and com­mu­ni­ty as a man with a gre­at he­art, hard wor­ker, le­a­der, ca­ring fat­her, and won­der­ful “Ou­pie”.

We’ve le­arnt so much from him and will che­rish the li­fe and ex­am­ple that he li­ved.

Hert­zog Kluyts, foun­der of Kluyts & Co, died on Ju­ne 7, 2017 at the age of 91.

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