Ex-Kny­sa le­ar­ner lands top so­ci­al me­dia job in Lon­don

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For­mer Knys­na lo­cal and YouTu­be sen­sa­ti­on Cas­par Lee is now one of the top 10 so­ci­al me­dia s­tars in the wor­ld and has been ap­poin­ted chief in­no­va­ti­on of­fi­cer for UK-ba­sed so­ci­al me­dia mar­ke­ting a­gen­cy In­flu­en­cer.

A Lon­don na­ti­ve by birth, Lee mo­ved to South A­fri­ca and Knys­na as a child but has been li­ving in Lon­don sin­ce 2013.

The YouTu­be per­so­na­li­ty and vlog­ger has sto­len South A­fri­cans’ he­arts sin­ce he cre­a­ted his YouTu­be chan­nel in 2011, and has sin­ce a­mas­sed a fol­lo­wing of mo­re than 9-mil­li­on fol­lo­wers a­cross his two chan­nels. He al­so bo­as­ts 3.7-mil­li­on fol­lo­wers on In­sta­gram and 4.67-mil­li­on on T­wit­ter.

In­flu­en­cer is a new, u­ni­que da­tadri­ven plat­form that u­ses big da­ta to con­nect brands with con­tent cre­a­tors with a high so­ci­al me­dia fol­lo­wing. The com­pa­ny ta­kes a brief from a brand and ma­t­ches it to re­le­vant con­tent cre­a­tors who suit the brand be­st, w­het­her they co­ver fashi­on, techno­lo­gy or food and drink. The plat­form is the next step in the gro­wing t­rend for so­ci­al me­dia mar­ke­ting and is set to re­vo­lu­ti­o­ni­se the way brands enga­ge con­su­mers.

As CIO, Lee will be tas­ked with le­a­ding the stra­te­gic and bu­si­ness di­recti­on for In­flu­en­cer clients, which in­clu­de U­ber, Ba­doo and Wi­t­hings. The 23-y­e­ar-old will be joi­ning a young te­am; with the a­vera­ge age being 22 and the CEO, Ben Jef­fries, just 21 y­e­ars old.

Says Jef­fries, “We are de­lig­h­ted to ha­ve such a highly cre­a­ti­ve en­tre­pre­neur on bo­ard …

As so­meo­ne who is ex­tre­me­ly re­spected within the so­ci­al me­dia spa­ce, his in­vol­vement and in­ves­t­ment in the a­gen­cy is a hu­ge step in our plans to be­co­ming the lar­ge­st in­flu­en­cer mar­ke­ting com­pa­ny in the wor­ld.”

Whi­le his ca­reer took off on so­ci­al me­dia, Lee has al­so tried his hand at acting, fe­a­tu­ring in Laid in A­me­ri­ca (2016), the S­pon­geBob S­qua­rePants Mo­vie (2015) and S­pud 3: Le­ar­ning to Fly (2014), to na­me but a few. In 2016, Lee star­red in Joe and Cas­par Hit the Ro­ad, al­ongs­i­de fel­low YouTu­ber Joe Suggs.

Lee has long sin­ce been re­cog­ni­sed for his con­tri­bu­ti­ons within the so­ci­al me­dia and en­ter­tai­n­ment in­dus­tries. Most no­ta­ble to da­te was his in­vi­ta­ti­on by the queen of Eng­land to sup­port the Queen’s Young Le­a­ders pro­gram­me in Ju­ne 2017. In March 2017 he was na­med one of the top 10 most po­wer­ful so­ci­al me­dia s­tars of the y­e­ar.

Lee was as­ked a­bout his ti­me in Knys­na and said he mo­ved to the to­wn w­hen he was 12 and went to s­chool at Oak­hill.

“I left w­hen I was 18. It ma­de me in­cre­di­bly ner­vous to leave, ho­we­ver I was very ex­ci­ted to be mo­ving so­mew­he­re as cos­mo­po­li­tan as Lon­don,” re­calls Lee.

His fon­dest me­mo­ry of li­ving in Knys­na was playing hoc­key with all his s­chool friends.

W­hen Lee did a vi­deo of fi­res in Knys­na with his friend Jos­hua Pie­ters, al­so from Knys­na, they en­ded up rai­sing o­ver R300 000, which was do­na­ted to pe­op­le they felt we­re vul­ne­ra­ble be­cau­se of the fi­res.

“Knys­na was an in­cre­di­ble pla­ce to grow up as it ga­ve me the ti­me and spa­ce to do t­hings li­ke start a YouTu­be chan­nel that I pro­ba­bly wouldn’t ha­ve do­ne in a mo­re hectic en­vi­ron­ment.” –

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