Ro­ta­ry go­ver­nor ‘very im­pres­sed’ with Knys­na

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Tt­he ne­w­ly ap­poin­ted dis­trict go­ver­nor of Ro­ta­ry in the We­stern Ca­pe, Ly­net­te S­tas­sen, re­cent­ly vi­si­ted Knys­na.

Whi­le in to­wn she was ta­ken to vi­sit the Knys­na E­du­ca­ti­on Trust mo­del pres­chool, which has been one of the Ro­ta­ry Club of Knys­na’s ma­jor pro­jects o­ver the past cou­ple of y­e­ars. He­re she met so­me of the te­a­chers and in­te­rac­ted with a few of the child­ren and o­ver­all was very ple­a­sed with the w­ho­le set up.

She was then ta­ken on a tour of the a­re­as most af­fected by the fi­res to see first-hand w­hat the lo­cal pe­op­le ha­ve ex­pe­rien­ced. Ro­ta­ry Knys­na has been very acti­ve in not on­ly col­lecting and dis­tri­bu­ting food, clo­thing and ot­her goods, but al­so in the dis­tri­bu­ti­on of a lar­ge a­mount of fi­nan­ci­al as­sis­tan­ce that has been of­fe­red to victims of the fi­res.

O­ver­all, the dis­trict go­ver­nor was very im­pres­sed with the work being do­ne by the lo­cal Ro­ta­ry club, es­pe­ci­al­ly con­si­de­ring that a lar­ge num­ber of their mem­bers are ol­der – but not less e­ner­ge­tic – than most ot­her clubs. –

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