Don’t qua­li­fy for RDP hou­se?

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Last week the We­stern Ca­pe go­vern­ment in con­juncti­on with the Knys­na mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty hos­ted works­hops on the Fi­nan­ce Lin­ked In­di­vi­du­al Sub­sidy Pro­gram­me (FLISP) ai­med at as­sis­ting tho­se hou­se­holds with an in­co­me of be­t­ween R3 500 and R15 000 per month to en­ter the pro­per­ty mar­ket and pur­cha­se a hou­se.

This sub­sidy was in­tro­du­ced in 2012 and was ai­med at as­sis­ting the fa­mi­lies w­ho­se com­bi­ned monthly in­co­me ex­ceeds R3 500 per month which is too much to qua­li­fy for an RDP hou­sing sub­sidy and too litt­le to pur­cha­se a ho­me.

The pur­po­se of this sub­sidy has been des­cri­bed as being ai­med at as­sis­ting hou­se­holds to access hou­sing through a con­tri­bu­ti­on by go­vern­ment that in­cre­a­ses the si­ze of the ho­me lo­an a­vai­la­ble to tho­se who are stuck be­t­ween RDP hou­sing (e­ar­ning too much) and not being a­ble to af­ford a ho­me.

T­he­re are cer­tain spe­ci­fic cri­te­ria that must be met.

A­mong ot­her t­hings, the mem­bers of the ap­pli­cant hou­se­holds must be South A­fri­can ci­ti­zens or ha­ve per­ma­nent re­si­den­cy, must ap­ply for a ho­me lo­an and be e­li­gi­ble to obtain one, and may not al­re­a­dy ha­ve re­cei­ved as­sis­tan­ce in re­spect of a hou­se from the go­vern­ment.

This me­ans if an ap­pli­cant has al­re­a­dy re­cei­ved an RDP hou­se they will not be e­li­gi­ble for this sub­sidy.

This sub­sidy a­mount ran­ges from R20 000 to R87 000 de­pen­ding on the in­co­me of the ap­pli­cant hou­se­hold, which a­mount can be ad­ded to the ap­pro­ved ho­me lo­an a­mount, or be in­cor­po­ra­ted in­to the a­mount, re­du­cing the monthly pay­ments.

The sub­sidy sca­le and ap­pli­ca­ti­on forms can be acces­sed on­li­ne at

T­he­re is al­so no­thing to pre­clu­de tho­se who own land and want to build a hou­se from u­ti­li­sing the sub­sidy pro­vi­ded, to ap­ply for a ho­me lo­an to build the hou­se if the buil­ding is un­der­ta­ken by a re­gis­te­red buil­der.

All que­ries in re­spect of the sub­sidy and ap­pli­ca­ti­on can be ad­dres­sed to the hou­sing of­fi­ce at Knys­na mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty or calls can be ma­de to 081-500-7715 and w­hat­sapp mes­sa­ges sent to 082-592-0208. Furt­her in­for­ma­ti­on can be obtai­ned on the we­stern ca­pe go­vern­ment web­si­te at www. wes­ter­n­ca­­man-sett­le­ments.

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