Wel­co­me rain brings nas­ty sur­pri­se

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Despi­te e­ro­si­on con­t­rol cy­lin­ders, al­so cal­led soil sausa­ges, pla­ced in the We­stern He­ad a­rea of Knys­na, this did not stop a muds­li­de last week.

The Wor­king on Fi­re (WoF) te­ams ha­ve been pla­cing the “sausa­ges” in and a­round Knys­na. The­se are com­post-fil­led tu­bes that ha­ve pro­ven to be an ef­fecti­ve so­lu­ti­on for soil e­ro­si­on whi­le fa­ci­li­ta­ting new ve­ge­ta­ti­on gro­wth for a per­ma­nent run-off pro­tecti­on so­lu­ti­on and as silt bar­riers.

The rain that fell on Au­gust 16 and 17 was wel­co­me, but it cre­a­ted a hu­ge mess for a La­ke B­ren­ton ho­me­o­w­ner.

The mud slip hap­pe­ned at the bottom of the ro­ad to La­ke B­ren­ton on the e­ve­ning of Au­gust 17.

A lo­cal La­ke B­ren­ton cou­ple, who do not want to be na­med, said it was their in­ten­ti­on to turn in for the nig­ht was in­ter­rup­ted w­hen a de­luge of mud hit their pro­per­ty at 21:20 and swept through the gar­den and parts of their hou­se, le­a­ving a deep lay­er of mud on the floors and o­ver the fur­ni­tu­re.

The ho­me­o­w­ner sta­ted that she was very re­lie­ved that the fa­mi­ly and pets we­re all fi­ne, but was not look­ing for­ward to the cle­an-up – which will ta­ke so­me ti­me.

Allsound se­cu­ri­ty com­pa­ny al­so con­fir­med this muds­li­de re­sul­ted in their a­rea-ba­sed vehi­cle get­ting stuck.

Ash­ley Boe­ti­us of Allsound said: “He re­spon­ded to an a­larm at one of the pro­per­ties on the ro­ad to­wards Fe­at­her­bed. On his re­turn back to B­ren­ton, the ro­ad had com­ple­te­ly been sub­mer­ged by mud and he was u­na­ble to ex­it. For­tu­na­te­ly, with our in­fra­struc­tu­re, we we­re im­me­di­a­te­ly a­ble to dis­pa­tch a vehi­cle to co­ver any alarms in the B­ren­ton a­rea whi­le du­ty ma­na­gers we­re sent out to as­sist.”

Boe­ti­us said ma­na­gers went on si­te to as­sess the si­tu­a­ti­on and it was e­vi­dent that t­he­re was no pos­si­bi­li­ty of re­trie­ving the vehi­cle that nig­ht, Au­gust 17.

“The vehi­cle was stran­ded mo­re than a ki­lo­me­t­re in and the of­fi­cer was for­ced to a­bandon it and walk out. He was pro­vi­ded with a back up vehi­cle and du­ties con­ti­nu­ed as per nor­mal,” he said.

The fol­lo­wing mor­ning, the Fe­at­her­bed Co. as­sis­ted with cle­a­ring of the ro­ad from their si­de and we­re a­ble to re­trie­ve the vehi­cle a­round 17:00 that day. The Knys­na-P­lett He­rald is not a­wa­re of any ot­her se­ri­ous muds­li­des.

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