Lo­cal’s song rai­ses funds for fi­re victims

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A Knys­na-ba­sed sin­ger-son­g­wri­ter has re­le­a­sed a sin­gle to rai­se funds for victims of the fi­res that de­ci­ma­ted the to­wn e­ar­lier this y­e­ar.

“On Sa­tur­day the 10th of Ju­ne, three days af­ter my neig­hbour’s hou­se bur­ned do­wn, I was sit­ting in my own hou­se in the ‘bo­dorp’ (up­per to­wn), wa­t­ching the fla­mes fla­ring up just a few ki­lo­me­tres a­way on Mount Joy,” said De­an Jack­son.

“We had no wa­ter and no e­lec­tri­ci­ty, and t­he­re wa­sn’t much I could do – so I star­ted to wri­te.”

Jack­son ca­me to Knys­na from Ca­pe To­wn a­bout three y­e­ars ago to work as a cre­a­ti­ve di­rec­tor for an in­ter­na­ti­o­nal mar­ke­ting a­gen­cy.

“I’ve been wri­ting son­gs as a per­so­nal hob­by for c­lo­se on 20 y­e­ars, though, and I’ve al­ways lo­ved how they ha­ve the coura­ge to say the t­hings that so ma­ny pe­op­le are thin­king but a­ren’t al­ways a­ble to ex­press.

“At their be­st, son­gs are sim­ply short sto­ries ma­de me­mo­ra­ble by their me­lo­dies,” he said.

From its first words – “This to­wn with its t­in­der­box he­arts and its burnt ma­t­chs­tick trees” – Jack­son’s new track, Smoul­de­ring Still, speaks of the af­ter­math of the fi­res.

“E­mo­ti­on spurs cre­a­ti­vi­ty, and t­he­re was cer­tain­ly no shor­ta­ge of e­mo­ti­on w­hen the fi­res hit, but t­he­re’s al­so all the e­mo­ti­on of the af­ter­math. Put­ting that do­wn in a song was my way of trying to de­al with it, and of ma­king so­me sort of sen­se of it,” he said.

“I’ve al­ways thoug­ht that the com­mu­ni­ty of Knys­na was full of good­will, po­si­ti­vi­ty and re­si­lien­ce – and the fi­res high­lig­h­ted the­se t­hings be­cau­se they spur­red so ma­ny pe­op­le to so ma­ny in­cre­di­ble acts of kind­ness and ge­n­ero­si­ty.

“So it feels na­tu­ral that the tra­ge­dy nee­ded a sound­track, a tri­bu­te song to mark the oc­ca­si­on, and to re­mind us of how bril­li­ant­ly we ca­me to­get­her, and of how we re­al­ly did help one a­not­her,” Jack­son said.

“Let’s not f­or­get how we be­ha­ved whi­le the fi­res we­re ra­ging, and let’s keep that spi­rit a­li­ve as we re­build to­get­her, and as #Knys­naRi­ses.” – Mar­tin Ha­t­chu­ell

De­an Jack­son’s Smoul­de­ring Still was re­cor­ded at Knys­na’s Bad Dog Sound S­tu­dio, and is a­vai­la­ble at a cost of R9.99 from www.son­g­for­knys­na.co.za.

Pro­ceeds will go to va­ri­ous lo­cal or­ga­ni­sa­ti­ons in­vol­ved in re­con­structi­on in the Gar­den Rou­te. – Mar­tin Ha­t­chu­ell Re­ad this sto­ry on­li­ne and he­ar a vi­deo clip of Jack­son’s song.

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