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Yachts­men and ot­her big blue ent­hu­si­as­ts took to the o­ce­an in lar­ge num­bers at the Knys­na Y­acht Club on Sun­day 3 Sep­tem­ber to he­rald the o­pe­ning of the sai­ling se­a­son in Knys­na. The per­fect we­at­her at­trac­ted ma­ny on­look­ers and a very wel­co­me sout­he­as­ter­ly wind en­su­red smooth sai­ling past the com­mo­do­re.

Sun­day mar­ked the o­pe­ning day of sai­ling se­a­son in Knys­na at the Knys­na Y­acht Club and, as tra­di­ti­on has it, bo­ats of all shapes and si­zes we­re sai­led or ro­wed past the dock w­hi­le tho­se on bo­ard sa­lu­ted the com­mo­do­re of the club.

The lo­cal Na­ti­o­nal Sea Res­cue In­s­ti­tu­te, Knys­na Sea Ca­dets and the Knys­na & Dis­tricts Pi­pe Band we­re on hand to sa­lu­te the com­mo­do­re of the Knys­na Y­acht Club, Al­lan Wa­ter­ston on 3 Sep­tem­ber.

Not f­or­get­ting mem­bers of the club and ot­her sai­lors a­li­ke, so­me lo­cal wa­ter ca­noe po­lo play­ers joi­ned in the con­voy of se­a­going craft too.

Ac­cor­ding to he­ad of Trai­ning Ship Knys­na Sea Ca­dets, S­te­ve E­rik­son, sai­ling se­a­son starts in Sep­tem­ber e­very y­e­ar, and ends in March of the next. He ad­ded that all y­acht clubs w­her­e­ver they are found ha­ve a si­mi­lar day at the start of e­very se­a­son.

“We we­re lucky on Sun­day as na­tu­re was very kind to us w­hen a sout­he­as­ter­ly wind ca­me up. It ma­de sai­ling past the com­mo­do­re much e­a­sier, as both the com­mo­do­re and sai­lors we­re a­ble to see e­ach ot­her. If the wind had co­me from a dif­fe­rent di­recti­on the bo­ats’ sails mig­ht ha­ve obscu­red the view.

“This y­e­ar we al­so had an ex­cel­lent tur­nout of 16 keel bo­ats, pro­ba­bly the be­st we’ve had in y­e­ars. This doe­sn’t count the ma­ny ot­her bo­ats that took part, in­clu­ding the NSRI who was wel­l­re­pre­sen­ted. Un­for­tu­na­te­ly we had less ding­hies this y­e­ar, which could pos­si­bly be at­tri­bu­ted to sai­ling day being chan­ged from a Sa­tur­day to a Sun­day,” said E­rik­son.

“All in all it was a beau­ti­ful day, and tho­se who took part we­re fil­led with joy and ent­hu­si­asm – from tho­se on the bo­ats to the cro­wd that gat­he­red on the y­acht club’s pre­mi­ses.”

See a gal­le­ry and watch a vi­deo of the o­pe­ning of sai­ling se­a­son at www.knys­na­pletthe­

The la­test mo­ve from SA Sai­ling to ap­pe­al to a wi­der au­dien­ce and sho­w­ca­se the s­port to tho­se who may ne­ver ha­ve had the op­por­tu­ni­ty to ex­pe­rien­ce the thrill of sai­ling be­fo­re co­mes with the launch of their Te­am Sai­ling Le­a­gue, just in ti­me for the o­pe­ning of sai­ling se­a­son in Knys­na.

Ac­cor­ding to SA Sai­ling, he­ad-to-he­ad batt­les out on the wa­ter are set to be­co­me the la­test t­rend in cor­po­ra­te e­vents with the launch of the new le­a­gue. School and var­si­ty sho­w­do­wns and wo­men’s chal­len­ges are al­so on the cards, with in­ter­club com­pe­ti­ti­ons part of the packa­ge.

SA Sai­ling chair Pe­ter Hall said this new Te­am Sai­ling Le­a­gue (TSL) has the po­ten­ti­al to boost the num­ber of sai­lors in South A­fri­ca. “It will trans­form the s­port and ma­ke sai­ling acces­si­ble to all South A­fri­cans and that’s a very ex­ci­ting pro­spect.”

SA Sai­ling CEO G­reg Smith ad­ded, “The TSL is a le­a­gue w­he­re two te­ams of three bo­ats com­pe­te a­gainst e­ach ot­her in e­qual­ly ma­t­ched two-per­son sai­ling bo­ats. This pro­gram­me has been de­ve­lo­ped to grow the s­port of sai­ling and rein­tro­du­ce the ma­gic in­to the s­port for both new and ex­is­ting sai­lors, by in­tro­du­cing the e­le­ment of com­pe­ti­ti­on.”

The le­a­gue will be laun­ched at an exhi­bi­ti­on e­vent at Mil­ner­ton A­qua­tic Club in Blou­berg­strand, Mil­ner­ton on Sa­tur­day 9 Sep­tem­ber.

Tho­se in­te­rested in mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on or get­ting in­vol­ved in the SA Sai­ling TLS can con­tact sas­wc@sai­

P­ho­to: S­te­fan Goo­sen

Pho­tos: S­te­fan Goo­sen

The Knys­na Na­ti­o­nal Sea Res­cue In­s­ti­tu­te le­ads the pro­ces­si­on of bo­ats to­ward the Knys­na Y­acht Club’s dock w­he­re com­mo­do­re Al­lan Wa­ter­ston a­wai­ted them.

This lof­ty y­acht could not be mis­sed.

The Knys­na Sea Ca­dets sa­lu­te the com­mo­do­re.

Dres­sed to the ni­nes.

Pho­tos: S­te­fan Goo­sen

La­dies clad in bel­ly dan­cer re­ga­lia ha­ving so­me fun in the sun.

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