S­tran­ge cre­a­tu­res des­cend on be­ach

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“P­let­ten­berg Bay will ne­ver be the sa­me af­ter this mor­ning,” quip­ped the town’s cri­me pre­ven­ti­on as­so­ci­a­ti­on’s (PBCPA) chair, Bru­ce Ri­chard­son, as he ad­dres­sed a group of ex­tre­me­ly odd­ly dres­sed re­si­dents last week.

Mo­re than 30 lo­cals, a­mong them so­me pro­mi­nent com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers, sho­wed up at Cen­tral be­ach on F­ri­day 1 Sep­tem­ber, dres­sed up as a­ny­thing from fai­ries and ot­her my­thi­cal cre­a­tu­res to su­per­heroes and di­no­saurs.

If that was not s­tran­ge e­nough, the group of 34 then das­hed, in their out­fits, in­to the chil­ly o­ce­an at sun­ri­se.

An­ti-cri­me car

The re­a­son for the mad­ness was to rai­se funds for the PBCPA – a non­pro­fit or­ga­ni­sa­ti­on – for a de­di­ca­ted vehi­cle to boost cri­me-fig­hting ef­forts. And they we­re very success­ful at this, ma­na­ging to rai­se just short of R34 000.

Any re­si­dent, vi­si­tor or group could spon­sor a PBCPA mem­ber or no­mi­na­te a lo­cal by de­po­si­ting R1 000 in­to the PBCPA’s bank ac­count. They then had the po­wer to “dic­ta­te” the per­son’s out­fit for the e­vent.

A­mong tho­se who par­ti­ci­pa­ted we­re de­pu­ty ma­yor Jes­si­ca Kam­kam, se­ni­or ma­na­ger for Bi­tou pu­blic sa­fe­ty An­di­le Sa­ka­ti, CrossFit P­lett o­w­ner Do­nald Ra­ven­scroft, for­mer coun­cil­lor and lo­cal bu­si­nes­sman Wayne Craig and the exe­cu­ti­ve mem­bers of the PBCPA.

So­me of the cos­tu­mes in­clu­ded the in­fa­mous green Bo­rat swims­uit, a li­fe-si­zed preg­nant Bar­bie in a box, a T-Rex, F­red F­linsto­ne, va­ri­ous fai­ries and bal­le­ri­nas, drag queens, cri­mi­nals, rug­by play­ers, su­per­heroes and e­ven a mer­maid.

Po­li­ce prank

The laughs we­re plen­ty and the mor­ning in­clu­ded se­ver­al hi­la­ri­ous mo­ments, in­clu­ding a ca­se of mis­ta­ken i­den­ti­ty.

One of the o­ce­an dip­pers, law en­for­ce­ment of­fi­cer Siya Van­da­la, ca­me dres­sed as a cri­mi­nal with a ba­la­cla­va co­ve­ring his fa­ce. He pro­cee­ded to sna­tch one of the re­si­dents’ hand­bags and ma­de off with it. Sur­roun­ded by cri­me fig­h­ters, this did not go un­no­ti­ced. A lo­cal se­cu­ri­ty of­fi­cer, who did not re­a­li­se it was a prank, set off af­ter Van­da­la and ap­pre­hen­ded him just me­tres furt­her.

Ri­chard­son said he was o­ver­w­hel­med by the sup­port and ho­ped it would be­co­me an an­nu­al e­vent.

CrossFit P­lett o­w­ner Do­nald Ra­ven­scroft was one of the 34 swim­mers who par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the S­pring Dip PBCPA fun­drai­ser and ca­me dres­sed in an a­pron of lo­cal re­stau­rant, En­ri­co.

Pho­tos: Yo­lan­de S­tan­der

Bi­tou de­pu­ty ma­yor Jes­si­ca Kam­kam and PBCPA o­pe­ra­ti­ons he­ad Ot­to O­li­vier ca­me dres­sed as fai­ries for the S­pring Dip fun­drai­ser.

Bi­tou de­pu­ty ma­yor Jes­si­ca Kam­kam (front) was a good s­port and par­ti­ci­pa­ted in the S­pring Dip PBCPA fun­drai­ser on 1 Sep­tem­ber.

Mo­re than 30 P­let­ten­berg Bay re­si­dents, in­clu­ding so­me pro­mi­nent lo­cals, das­hed do­wn Cen­tral Be­ach in so­me in­te­res­ting out­fits e­ar­ly on F­ri­day 1 Sep­tem­ber to rai­se funds for the town’s cri­me pre­ven­ti­on as­so­ci­a­ti­on. A­mong them we­re PBCPA mem­ber John Stewart (di­no­saur) and lo­cal bu­si­nes­s­wo­man De­ni­se M­cNa­ma­ra (Bar­bie).

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