Knys­na nur­se worth her weig­ht in gold

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Nur­se Ka­ty de Wee from Knys­na was ho­nou­red with a gol­den a­ward in the ca­te­go­ry Batho Pe­le Pu­blic Ser­vant at the re­cent­ly held Ser­vi­ce Ex­cel­len­ce A­wards in Ca­pe Town.

The a­wards com­pri­se a u­ni­form ap­pro­ach to re­cog­ni­sing ex­cel­len­ce and ser­ving as an es­ca­la­ti­on me­cha­nism for fu­tu­re coor­di­na­ted na­ti­o­nal Batho Pe­le Ex­cel­len­ce A­wards par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on by the We­stern Ca­pe go­vern­ment (WCG). The the­me of the WCG Ser­vi­ce Ex­cel­len­ce A­wards is “Bet­ter to­get­her le­a­ding the pu­blic ser­vi­ce to hig­her pro­ducti­vi­ty”.

De Wee works in the out­pa­tient de­part­ment at Knys­na Pro­vin­ci­al Hos­pi­tal w­he­re se­ver­al spe­ci­al cli­ni­cs are held. Her fa­vou­ri­te spe­ci­a­li­ty cli­nic is gyn­a­e­co­lo­gy. “I le­arn a lot from the spe­ci­a­lis­ts and al­ways try to share my kno­w­led­ge with the com­mu­ni­ty.”

Nur­sing to her is a chal­len­ge, but one she wel­co­mes on a dai­ly ba­sis and has a re­al pas­si­on for. “I lo­ve wor­king with the com­mu­ni­ty and most of all seeing im­pro­vement in w­hat I do.”

De Wee is a per­fecti­o­nist and is des­cri­bed by her pa­tients as ne­at and re­al­ly friend­ly and help­ful.

She has been at Knys­na hos­pi­tal for 20 y­e­ars and has shared her wor­king ca­reer with ma­ny ot­her staff mem­bers, said fa­re­well to ma­ny pa­tients and has gai­ned a lot of kno­w­led­ge in the dif­fe­rent wards that she has wor­ked in. Her at­ti­tu­de, ac­cor­ding to se­ni­or ma­na­ge­ment, is an ex­am­ple to all. Men­ti­on is al­so ma­de of her ex­em­pla­ry re­la­ti­ons­hip with staff and pa­tients and that no­thing is e­ver too much trou­ble.

Spo­kes­per­son Na­dia Fer­rei­ra says De Wee em­bo­dies the va­lu­es of the de­part­ment of he­alth through her kind and ca­ring na­tu­re.

Ka­ty de Wee with pa­tient He­ster S­tan­der.

Ka­ty de Wee is very ple­a­sed to ha­ve met pre­mier He­len Zil­le and proud­ly shows off a p­ho­to of the two of them at the a­wards.

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