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A Gar­den Rou­te bu­si­nes­sman ce­le­bra­ted his se­cond y­e­ar of free­dom on Tu­es­day 26 Sep­tem­ber af­ter his re­le­a­se from the no­to­ri­ous Black Be­ach pri­son in E­qua­to­ri­al Gui­nea. Da­niel Jan­se van Rens­burg, from Hoek­wil in Wil­der­ness, was held il­le­gal­ly for two y­e­ars af­ter a bu­si­ness de­al went sour.

He le­ar­ned t­his week that a small por­ti­on of his le­gal cos­ts, which is run­ning to well o­ver R1-mil­li­on, has been paid for by the vi­ce pre­si­dent of E­qua­to­ri­al Gui­nea, T­he­o­do­rin N­gue­ma O­bi­ang. It was tou­ch and go or the as­sets of an up­mar­ket Ca­pe Town pro­per­ty be­lon­ging to O­bi­ang went un­der the ham­mer af­ter he lost a part of a le­gal batt­le with Jan­se van Rens­burg. O­bi­ang o­wns pro­per­ties in Bis­hop­scourt and C­lif­ton.

Ac­cor­ding to Jan­se van Rens­burg’s la­wy­er Er­rol Els­don, an a­mount just short of R180 000 was paid by O­bi­ang on 15 Sep­tem­ber. “We are bu­sy with a­not­her cost or­der,” said Els­don. In ad­di­ti­on, Jan­se van Rens­burg fi­led a ci­vil suit in the We­stern Ca­pe High Court al­most two y­e­ars ago, in De­cem­ber 2015, suing the E­qua­to­ri­al Gui­nea go­vern­ment for R75-mil­li­on in com­pen­sa­ti­on af­ter his wrong­ful im­pri­son­ment. He is a­wai­ting jud­ge­ment on his ci­vil claim.

O­bi­ang was he­ad of de­fen­ce and se­cu­ri­ty du­ring Jan­se van Rens­burg’s de­ten­ti­on and is the po­li­ti­cal he­ad in char­ge of the ar­med for­ces, po­li­ce, pri­sons and de­ten­ti­on fa­ci­li­ties. In court pa­pers, Jan­se van Rens­burg sta­ted that O­bi­ang’s con­duct in or­de­ring his de­ten­ti­on and fai­ling to or­der his re­le­a­se cau­sed him (Jan­se van Rens­burg) da­ma­ges O­bi­ang was li­a­ble for.

Jan­se van Rens­burg spent two y­e­ars in and out of pri­son amid claims by bu­si­nes­sman and po­li­ti­ci­an Ga­briel Be­la An­ga­bi that he o­wed him R1-mil­li­on. Jan­se van Rens­burg as­sis­ted him in es­ta­blis­hing an ai­r­li­ne in the coun­try. De­spi­te being cle­a­red by a lo­cal court of any wrong­doing, Jan­se van Rens­burg was still de­tai­ned. Em­bas­sy staff, his la­wy­er and va­ri­ous ot­her go­vern­ment de­part­ments fi­nal­ly as­sis­ted him in le­a­ving the coun­try on 26 Sep­tem­ber 2015.

He was jai­led at Black Be­ach in Ma­la­bo for a to­tal of 423 days and was kept un­der hou­se ar­rest in the coun­try for a furt­her 126 days. Whi­le in pri­son, Jan­se van Rens­burg said he had li­ved li­ke “an a­ni­mal in a ca­ge”, being fed food not fit for hu­man con­sump­ti­on, being in­ti­mi­da­ted by ot­her in­ma­tes and suf­fe­ring di­se­a­se, in­clu­ding ma­la­ria.

Da­niel Jan­se van Rens­burg

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