Ma­ny de­lig­hts a­wait at Mai­son Mar­ket

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The mo­ney rai­sed at an e­vent li­ke the u­p­co­ming Spring Mai­son Mar­ket is so ne­ces­sa­ry for the ma­ny pe­op­le in our com­mu­ni­ty who are ill, lack the e­mo­ti­o­nal and fi­nan­ci­al w­he­re­wit­hal to co­pe with their suf­fe­ring and who de­pend on Hos­pi­ce to pro­vi­de t­his.

The success of the mar­ket re­lies on the ge­n­ero­si­ty of the pu­blic – i­tems you no lon­ger need could be tre­a­su­red by a­not­her – and the se­arch is on for all gent­ly but no lon­ger u­sed ho­me and gar­den tre­a­su­res. T­he­se in­clu­de fur­ni­tu­re, or­na­ments, va­ses, lamps, art­work, fra­mes, soft fur­nis­hings, car­pets, ta­ble­wa­re, croc­ke­ry, ba­s­kets, kit­chen­wa­re, li­nen, craft i­tems and gar­den pots and or­na­ments. Chris­t­mas de­co­ra­ti­ons, fa­bri­cs, be­ads, but­tons, wool, rib­bons, sta­ti­o­ne­ry, je­wel­le­ry, vin­ta­ge clo­thing and acces­so­ries would al­so be much ap­pre­ci­a­ted.

On­ce a­gain we en­coura­ge shop o­w­ners and in­te­ri­or de­co­ra­tors to co­me for­ward with do­na­ti­ons that would add to the de­lig­ht­ful as­sort­ment of old and new, fi­ne i­tems on sa­le.

Pam Gol­ding, who is spon­so­ring the Hos­pi­ce T­re­a­su­re Hunt for the Mai­son Mar­ket, has of­fe­red their pre­mi­ses on Lei­su­re I­sle as a drop-off point for all do­na­ted i­tems. Al­ter­na­ti­ve­ly, call 083 448 1934 to ha­ve your goods col­lected.

The mar­ket will be held at Am­ble Rid­ge Vil­la­ge clubhou­se, Sun­ning­hill D­ri­ve, which is the first rig­ht turn-off af­ter Knys­na Pri­va­te Hos­pi­tal. T­his is the sa­me ve­nue of last y­e­ar, which e­na­bles you to view the sa­le i­tems in com­fort and at your lei­su­re. A cre­dit card fa­ci­li­ty will be a­vai­la­ble, and the­re will be tea/cof­fee and lig­ht re­freshments for tho­se wis­hing to ta­ke a bre­ak from shop­ping!

Doors o­pen on F­ri­day 29 Sep­tem­ber, 10:00 to 18:00 and Sa­tur­day 30 Sep­tem­ber, 09:00 to noon. –

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