Trucks w­he­re t­hey should not be?

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“Re­si­dent”, Knys­na:

I wish to draw your at­ten­ti­on to a pro­blem that is cau­sing gre­at dis­tress to the ho­me­o­w­ners in the a­rea of the cor­ner of Raw­son and Hed­ge streets ad­ja­cent to the Knys­na Bo­w­ling Club and Ca­non/Of­fi­ce Sup­plies, which is pre­do­mi­nant­ly a re­si­den­ti­al a­rea. T­his o­pen un­tar­red spa­ce is u­sed throug­hout the day by cou­rier com­pa­nies as well as he­a­vy-du­ty trucks that park o­ver­nig­ht, with most of the trucks ar­ri­ving ear­ly e­ve­ning and de­par­ting at da­wn.

In 2002 (ref. no. 17/3/5/2) my hus­band sub­mit­ted a let­ter to the Knys­na mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty re­gar­ding t­his pro­blem and a “no truck” par­king sign was e­rected, but t­his has sin­ce been re­mo­ved. The no-par­king sign was of no help as it was ig­no­red by the truck dri­vers.

He­re are so­me ex­am­ples:

1. Mas­si­ve trucks with trai­lers (Bid­dulp­hs) lo­a­ding and un­lo­a­ding of fur­ni­tu­re.

2. Flat­bed trucks with trai­lers trans­por­ting a­ny­thing from steel to plas­tic.

3. Flat­bed trucks trans­por­ting bricks with winch to of­flo­ad on­to a­not­her truck.( R­hee­bok bricks)

4. Milk bow­ser with trai­ler (Ne­st­lé) has left trai­ler in a­rea for a wee­kend al­re­a­dy.

5. Pe­trol bow­ser (Moov) with trai­ler (un­hook­ing trai­ler and le­a­ving t­his on the pre­mi­ses for an en­ti­re wee­kend, ho­pe­ful­ly emp­ty). 6. School bu­ses

7. Trans­port bu­ses (Ci­ty to Ci­ty), 8. Ref­ri­ge­ra­ti­on trucks run­ning their mo­tors throug­hout the nig­ht pol­lu­ting the a­rea with die­sel fu­mes (big con­cern) as well as noi­se pol­lu­ti­on all nig­ht long.

9. Re­pai­ring of vehi­cles – par­ti­cu­lar whi­te Dat­sun bak­kie par­ked on si­te for mo­re than a week.

Knys­na is in des­pe­ra­te need of a de­sig­na­ted sa­fe truck and de­pot stop for the dri­vers to o­ver­nig­ht with cle­an a­blu­ti­on fa­ci­li­ties so as not to ha­ve t­he­se trucks use t­his o­pen ground in a re­si­den­ti­al a­rea.

A­re­as that could ac­com­mo­da­te trucks:

1. Wa­ter­front D­ri­ve, be­low the old S­tep­ping S­to­nes – e­a­sy access off and to the ro­ad.

2. The old was­te by rail de­pot – am­ple par­king for trucks.

3. Out­si­de of Knys­na, be­fo­re the R­hee­nen­dal turn-off, truck stop al­re­a­dy. On­ly needs a­blu­ti­on fa­ci­li­ty and a sign in­di­ca­ting that it is a truck stop.

I am at­ta­ching p­ho­tos that we­re ta­ken on 5 Sep­tem­ber 2017 on the si­te in que­s­ti­on.

Ho­pe­ful­ly a so­lu­ti­on re­gar­ding t­his pro­blem can be found soon.

Ed no­te: No com­ment has been re­cei­ved from the Knys­na mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty.

P­ho­tos: Sup­p­lied

A re­si­dent says t­his in­for­mal “truck stop” at the cor­ner of Raw­son and Hed­ge streets in Knys­na is cau­sing gre­at dis­tress to ho­me­o­w­ners in the a­rea.

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