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A re­si­dent of Knys­na, al­so for­mer cap­tain of the Ti­tans Wo­men’s Rug­by Club, has been in­clu­ded in the na­ti­o­nal se­vens rug­by squad that has qua­li­fied for the 2018 Rug­by Wor­ld Cup Se­vens cham­pi­ons­hips and Com­mon­we­alth Ga­mes.

Mathrin Sim­mers, a se­ni­or mem­ber of the S­pring­bok wo­men’s se­vens te­am, qua­li­fied on 16 Sep­tem­ber with her te­am for t­he­se two pres­ti­gi­ous com­pe­ti­ti­ons w­hen t­hey won the cup fi­nal of the 2017 Rug­by A­fri­ca Wo­men’s Se­vens tou­r­na­ment in Tu­ni­sia.

Ac­cor­ding to Ti­tans co­ach Aschin Klein, Sim­mers ma­de her de­but for the na­ti­o­nal se­vens si­de back in 2012 and has ap­pea­red in mo­re than 25 con­se­cu­ti­ve tou­r­na­ments sin­ce. She was al­so part of the 2013 te­am that went to the Rug­by Wor­ld Cup Se­vens cham­pi­ons­hips in Rus­sia.

The La­dy B­lit­z­bok­ke, as t­hey are al­so kno­wn, we­re the tou­r­na­ment fa­vou­ri­tes, said Klein, and had a re­a­so­na­bly e­a­sy run in­to the fi­nal with Ke­nya wai­ting for them the­re.

“The fi­nal was a very tig­ht af­fair. Ke­nya took a 12-5 le­ad af­ter fin­ding spa­ce in the La­dy B­lit­z­bok­ke’s de­fen­ce, but a try by the B­lit­z­bok­ke broug­ht them back within two points of the Ke­ny­ans. Sim­mers, playing at her na­tu­ral po­si­ti­on of cen­t­re, spot­ted a gap and ca­me within in­ches of the try li­ne, but pop­ped the ball up for Ze­nay Jor­daan to sco­re the ma­tch win­ner un­der the post,” said Klein.

The La­dy B­lit­z­bok­ke won 17-12.

Sim­mers and her te­am will now re­group and soon start with pre­pa­ra­ti­ons to­wards the 2018 Rug­by Wor­ld Cup Se­vens cham­pi­ons­hips, which will be held in San Fran­cis­co, USA and the 2018 Com­mon­we­alth Ga­mes that will be held on the Gold Co­ast of Qu­eens­land, Aus­tra­lia.

“We as the Ti­tans WRC are proud of Mathrin’s a­chie­vement and wish her and her te­am be­st of luck with pre­pa­ra­ti­ons for both t­he­se ma­jor e­vents,” ad­ded Klein. –

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Mathrin Sim­mers with the 2017 A­fri­ca Se­vens cham­pi­ons­hip trop­hy.

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