Va­se­li­ne­tjie a box of­fi­ce hit

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Va­se­li­ne­tjie, the film ba­sed on for­mer Knys­naP­lett He­rald re­por­ter Anoes­chka von Meck’s a­ward-win­ning youth no­vel is al­re­a­dy a boxof­fi­ce hit, e­ar­ning mo­re than R1-mil­li­on.

The A­fri­kaans dra­ma, re­le­a­sed on 22 Sep­tem­ber in the­a­tres coun­try­wi­de, has been seen by o­ver 23 000 pe­op­le to da­te.

Be­si­des win­ning the a­ward for be­st film at the 2017 kykNET Sil­wer­skerm Fe­s­ti­val, t­his mo­vie has been wi­de­ly prai­sed by cri­ti­cs.

The sto­ry of a gi­rl who is re­mo­ved from the lo­ving ho­me of her grand­pa­rents and pla­ced in an or­pha­na­ge, has cap­tu­red the i­ma­gi­na­ti­on of film cri­ti­cs.

The tough or­pha­na­ge wor­ld and the way she falls in lo­ve with the fie­ry Tex­an Ki­r­by is beau­ti­ful­ly cap­tu­red on film.

Di­rec­tor Cor­né van Rooy­en said, “I am as­toun­ded by the im­pres­si­ve vie­wers’ fi­gu­res. Pla­ces li­ke Paarl and the Gar­den Rou­te we­re sold out all wee­kend. I’m al­so gra­te­ful for the a­ma­zing ra­ve re­views by cri­ti­cs.”

An e­la­ted Von Meck said, “W­hat ma­kes t­his ex­cep­ti­o­nal­ly gre­at news is that we are com­pe­ting with the most success­ful A­fri­kaans films so far, but we ha­ve 15 fe­wer the­a­tres! T­his is an in­cre­di­ble a­chie­vement and I feel su­per bles­sed.”

Se­ver­al me­dia out­lets ha­ve prai­sed Va­se­li­ne­tjie sin­ce its re­le­a­se. It was hai­led as “an ex­cel­lent A­fri­kaans film” by re­no­w­ned SA film cri­tic Le­on van Nier­op in A­fri­kaans week­ly pa­per Rap­port.

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Anoes­chka von Meck who wro­te the youth no­vel upon which the film is ba­sed, said she feels “su­per bles­sed” that the film is doing so well coun­try­wi­de. The A­fri­kaans film Va­se­li­ne­tjie was a hit at the S­ter Ki­ne­kor Gar­den Rou­te Mall. P­ho­to sup­p­lied.

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