Eye on cri­me: 21 to 27 Sept

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THEFT OUT M.V. - MORTIMER STR (Fri 22 Sep­tem­ber @ 03h40) - All­sound of­fi­cer re­por­ted a vehi­cle with bro­ken back win­dow. Vehi­cle was tra­ced and o­w­ner in­for­med. Va­ri­ous small i­tems we­re re­por­ted­ly mis­sing.

BURGLARY - NEWTON STR (Mon 25 Sep­tem­ber @ 04h03) - Of­fi­cer re­spon­ded to a­larm and con­fir­med po­si­ti­ve bre­ak-in. A hand­bag and cel­lp­ho­ne we­re re­por­ted mis­sing. Bag was found dis­car­ded ne­ar­by and re­tur­ned. Ca­se was o­pe­ned.


COMMON ROBBERY - LINKS PATH (Fri 22 Sep­tem­ber @ 12h42) - C­lient te­lep­ho­ned to re­port that 2 pe­op­le we­re rob­bed whi­le wal­king on the Costa Sarda foot­path. Sus­pects sto­le a bi­cy­cle, hand­bag and ca­me­ra. All­sound Of­fi­cers se­ar­ched the a­rea, bi­cy­cle was re­co­ve­r­ed and re­tur­ned. SAPS we­re on si­te to o­pen a ca­se. ATTEMPTED BURGLARY - KAMDEBO STR (Sat 23 Sep­tem­ber @ 00h35) - Of­fi­cer re­spon­ded to a­larm and found for­ce marks on door but se­cu­ri­ty ga­te still in tact. No en­try was gai­ned and no­thing sto­len.

COMMON ROBBERY - LINKS PATH (Sat 23 Sep­tem­ber @ 13h34) - An unkno­wn per­son te­lep­ho­ned re­por­ting that a young boy was rob­bed on the Costa Sarda Foot­path. Of­fi­cers we­re dis­pa­t­ched and re­por­ted that sus­pect had ta­ken a back­pack, tek­kies and cel­lp­ho­ne. SAPS we­re no­ti­fied. A­rea was se­ar­ched, no sus­pect found.

BURGLARY - STINKHOUT CRES (Tu­es 26 Sep­tem­ber @ 21h11) - C­lient pho­ned to re­port a bre­ak-in at their ho­me. Hap­pe­ned so­me ti­me be­t­ween 18h00 - 21h00. A lap­top and I­pad we­re mis­sing. Ot­her sto­len i­tems we­re found in the bus­hes at the bottom of the pro­per­ty. Ca­se was o­pe­ned.


BURGLARY - NOBLE STR (Sun 24 Sep­tem­ber @ 14h51) - Pro­per­ty o­w­ner pho­ned to re­port a bre­ak-in at out­buil­ding. A lap­top, al­co­hol, clo­thing and back pack was re­por­ted mis­sing. SAPS we­re no­ti­fied and a ca­se was o­pe­ned.


BURGLARY - CONEY GLEN DR (Tu­es 26 Sep­tem­ber @ 10h40) - C­lient re­por­ted that the­re was a bre­ak-in at the pro­per­ty in the e­ar­ly hours of the 25th Sep­tem­ber. En­try was gai­ned via un­loc­ked back door. Con­tents of hand­bag and a lap­top we­re sto­len. Ca­se was o­pe­ned with SAPS.


BURGLARY - SILVERBOOM OORD (Sun 24 Sep­tem­ber @ 07h42) - C­lient pho­ned to re­port that she found a bag on their pro­per­ty. It was con­fir­med that the­re had been a bre­ak-in at ne­ar­by pro­per­ty du­ring the nig­ht. Access was gai­ned via un­loc­ked door. Hand­bags, wal­lets, cel­lp­ho­ne, ca­me­ra and cash we­re mis­sing. SAPS we­re no­ti­fied and a ca­se was o­pe­ned.

BURGLARY - STEENBRAS STR (Sun 24 Sep­tem­ber @ 12h16) - Re­si­dent re­por­ted fin­ding a wal­let out­si­de their pro­per­ty. Wal­let was la­ter lin­ked to a bre­ak-in at ne­ar­by guest ac­com­mo­da­ti­on which occur­red du­ring the nig­ht. OT­HER INCIDENTS:

Me­di­cal / ge­ne­ral as­sis­tan­ce - 9; do­mes­tic dis­pu­tes / noi­se dis­tur­ban­ces - 8; sus­pi­ci­ous per­sons / vehi­cle re­ports - 12; as­sis­tan­ce with va­grant re­mo­val / tres­pas­sers - 10; noi­ses on pro­per­ty / a­gi­ta­ted dogs - 7

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