Cri­me trans­la­tors nee­ded

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P­let­ten­berg Bay cri­me fig­h­ters ha­ve cal­led on the com­mu­ni­ty to as­sist with bre­a­king do­wn the lan­gua­ge bar­rier w­hen fo­reign tou­ris­ts fall victim to cri­me.

P­let­ten­berg Bay Cri­me P­re­ven­ti­on As­so­ci­a­ti­on (PBCPA) o­pe­ra­ti­o­nal he­ad Ot­to O­li­vier said re­cent­ly a tou­rist re­por­ted a ca­se of ban­king fraud with lo­cal po­li­ce and was re­fer­red to the ban­king in­sti­tu­ti­on inste­ad.

“Much la­ter it was es­ta­blis­hed that the tou­rist was in fact rob­bed of her ATM card and a sub­stan­ti­al a­mount of mo­ney was wit­h­dra­wn. Due to t­his mis­com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on the cri­mi­nal got a­way with the funds wit­hout a­nyo­ne being any the wi­ser,” O­li­vier said.

He said the per­pe­tra­tors dis­trac­ted the tou­rist at an ATM on 29 Sep­tem­ber 29, got hold of their bank cards and sub­se­quent­ly wit­hdrew the mo­ney.

T­his in­ci­dent high­lig­hts the need for in­ter­pre­ters w­hen fo­reign tou­ris­ts re­port cri­me and gi­ve their first sta­te­ments to po­li­ce, he said.

“We are the­re­fo­re in the pro­cess of set­ting up a da­ta­ba­se of vo­lun­teers who would be pre­pa­red to in­ter­pret sta­te­ments to pre­vent cri­mi­nals get­ting a­way with cri­mes due to lan­gua­ge bar­riers,” O­li­vier said, ad­ding that t­his would al­so as­sist in obtai­ning the cor­rect des­crip­ti­on of sus­pects and sub­se­quent­ly as­sist in cri­me fig­hting ef­forts.

He ur­ged a­nyo­ne who would li­ke to as­sist to sup­ply their na­me and con­tact de­tails, al­ong with the fo­reign lan­gua­ge they are wil­ling to in­ter­pret. T­his can be e­mai­led to plett­wa­t­chmem­ with INTERPRETER as the sub­ject li­ne. The­se de­tails can al­so be sent via W­hat­sApp to Li­sa on 072 373 9689 or Ca­rol on 082 775 6952.

“We will be set­ting up a da­ta­ba­se and con­tact for as­sis­tan­ce w­hen the need a­ri­ses. Be­cau­se not e­ver­yo­ne will be a­vai­la­ble all the ti­me, we would li­ke as ma­ny pe­op­le as pos­si­ble to sign

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