Ra­pe ca­se mo­ved to Ge­or­ge

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The ca­se of four sus­pects who al­le­ge­d­ly ra­ped a 15-y­e­ar-old gi­rl in W­hi­te Lo­ca­ti­on e­ar­lier t­his y­e­ar was yet a­gain pos­t­po­ned t­his week.

The boys we­re all mi­nors w­hen they we­re ar­res­ted on Fe­bru­a­ry 10, af­ter al­le­ge­d­ly lu­ring the gi­rl in­to a hou­se and re­pe­a­ted­ly ra­ping her, but one of the boys has sin­ce tur­ned 18.

They ap­pea­red brief­ly in the Knys­na Re­gi­o­nal Court on Tu­es­day 3 Oc­to­ber, w­hen ma­gi­stra­te Eu­ge­nie Ja­cobs re­que­sted that the mat­ter be trans­fer­red to the T­hem­ba­let­hu Ma­gi­stra­te’s Court in Ge­or­ge, for he­a­ring on 19 Fe­bru­a­ry 2018, as the Knys­na court roll is bac­ked up. Le­gal Aid la­wy­er Ber­ni­ce S­cheel and sta­te pro­se­cu­tor C­ha­mel­le Bas­ti­an agreed. The boys re­main in cus­to­dy.

Mem­bers of the ANC Wo­men’s Le­a­gue we­re out­si­de the court on­ce a­gain with pla­cards and chan­ting st­rug­gle son­gs, to show their un­wa­ve­ring sup­port for the gi­rl and her fa­mi­ly.

ANCWL re­gi­o­nal coor­di­na­tor Ti­ti Gom­bo said, “We thoug­ht by now the ca­se would be o­ver and do­ne with… We’re di­sap­poin­ted that it is pos­t­po­ned on­ce a­gain.The jus­ti­ce sy­stem is re­al­ly fai­ling us, mo­re es­pe­ci­al­ly the victim. W­hen is she going to he­al with an on­going court ca­se? Or may­be they are wai­ting for the re­mai­ning two boys to turn 18, be­cau­se two of them are tur­ning 18 be­fo­re the y­e­ar ends.”

Gom­bo said the Wo­men’s Le­a­gue will mo­bi­li­se wo­men to go to the T­hem­ba­let­hu Ma­gi­stra­te Court next y­e­ar.

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ANC Wo­men’s Le­a­gue mem­bers out­si­de the Knys­na Ma­gi­stra­te’s Court on Tu­es­day 3 Oc­to­ber, be­fo­re pro­cee­dings a­gainst four sus­pects accu­sed of ra­pe.

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