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Knys­na Tou­rism re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ve Ke­a­gon Bor­chards has just re­tur­ned from a very success­ful Gau­teng Ge­ta­way Show.

“It was a­ma­zing,” said Bor­chards. “The­re we­re thou­sands of pe­op­le, and our stand was very well re­cei­ved. We re­cei­ved ma­ny vi­si­tors o­ver the three days of the exhi­bi­ti­on. Pe­op­le we­re re­al­ly in­te­rested to know how Knys­na is doing af­ter the fi­res and as­king que­s­ti­ons a­bout the acti­vi­ties they can do w­hen they are in the a­rea. The­re we­re al­so a lot of que­s­ti­ons a­bout our #Knys­naRi­ses cam­paign.

“I think it went ex­tre­me­ly well and was well worth at­ten­ding. I ha­ve at le­ast 250 le­ads to fol­low up now with re­spect to ac­com­mo­da­ti­on and acti­vi­ties,” he said.

In Oc­to­ber and No­vem­ber, Knys­na will al­so be re­pre­sen­ted at the SAT Nor­di­cs Ro­ads­how: S­we­den, Den­mark, Nor­way and Fin­land (23 to 27 Oc­to­ber); the SAT Net­her­lands Ro­ads­how (30 Oc­to­ber to 3 No­vem­ber); the Wor­ld Tra­vel Mar­ket Lon­don (6 to 8 No­vem­ber), which is the le­a­ding glo­bal e­vent for the tra­vel in­du­stry; and the SAT UK Ro­ads­how (13 to 16 No­vem­ber) to vi­sit tra­vel a­gents who will not be at WTM, in their own ci­ties.

Chai­r­per­son El­may Bou­wer of Knys­na Tou­rism, kno­wn as Knys­na & Part­ners, said, “In lig­ht of the re­cent fi­res, it is par­ti­cu­lar­ly im­por­tant for us to get the mes­sa­ge out to the wor­ld that Knys­na is o­pen for bu­si­ness,” ad­ding that the en­ti­ty aims to show the wor­ld, in­clu­ding South A­fri­ca, that Knys­na is still a top tou­rism des­ti­na­ti­on and vi­si­tors can ex­pect the full Knys­na ex­pe­rien­ce, despi­te the fi­res.

“The in­ter­na­ti­o­nal tra­de shows are a won­der­ful plat­form to in­te­ract with the tour o­pe­ra­tors in the­se coun­tries who are brin­ging tou­ris­ts to South A­fri­ca, to en­s­u­re that they in­clu­de the Gar­den Rou­te and Knys­na in their i­ti­ne­ra­ries,” she said.

Knys­na & Part­ners mem­bers can con­tact Bor­chards for mo­re in­for­ma­ti­on a­bout par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in the shows: e­mail ke­a­gon@ vi­sit­knys­na.co.za. –


Ke­a­gon Bor­chards (rig­ht) has just re­tur­ned from the Gau­teng Ge­ta­way Show at which he re­pre­sen­ted Knys­na & Part­ners.

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