Burnt pro­per­ties: how to de­al with mu­ni ac­counts

Knysna-Plett Herald - - Town Hall -

Knys­na fi­re victims ha­ve been ex­pres­sing their frus­tra­ti­on and be­wil­der­ment as to w­hat the mu­ni­ci­pal ra­tes “re­lief” in re­spect of de­stroy­ed hou­ses ac­tu­al­ly me­ans.

Knys­na-P­lett He­rald con­tacted the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty af­ter va­ri­ous re­si­dents com­plai­ned a­bout re­cei­ving ac­counts for ra­tes and wa­ter and e­lec­tri­ci­ty con­sump­ti­on on pro­per­ties ra­zed by the fi­res, and get­ting con­flicting in­for­ma­ti­on from mu­ni­ci­pal s­taff mem­bers as to w­het­her they must sett­le the­se ac­counts or not.

W­hen as­ked how long it would ta­ke for the mu­ni­ci­pa­li­ty to re­ver­se the char­ges le­vied, in ac­cor­dan­ce with coun­cil’s de­ci­si­on e­ar­lier t­his y­e­ar to wai­ve ra­tes, mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger Kam C­het­ty said, “We are cur­rent­ly bu­sy with chan­ges to the sy­stem… T­his mat­ter will be re­sol­ved with the ac­counts to be sent e­ar­ly in No­vem­ber. We en­coura­ge re­si­dents to con­tact the CFO (cfo@knys­na.gov.za) s­hould the mat­ter be not re­sol­ved. T­his will e­na­ble the de­part­ment to ad­dress the re­le­vant ac­count.”

As to the is­sue of char­ges in­cor­rect­ly le­vied for con­sump­ti­on on de­stroy­ed pro­per­ties, C­het­ty sta­ted, “T­his mat­ter is to be re­sol­ved by No­vem­ber and if any re­si­dent did not re­cei­ve the ad­jus­t­ment they must bring t­his to the at­ten­ti­on of the CFO, and it will then be re­sol­ved with three days.”

Tho­se w­ho­se pro­per­ties we­re not de­stroy­ed but da­ma­ged and who feel the pre-fi­re pro­per­ty va­lu­a­ti­on is no lon­ger ap­pli­ca­ble, may ma­ke re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ons to the CFO and mu­ni­ci­pal ma­na­ger, said C­het­ty, who ad­ded that ba­sed on the fre­quen­cy and mag­ni­tu­de of re­pre­sen­ta­ti­ons, a sup­ple­men­ta­ry va­lu­a­ti­on roll will need to be pre­pa­red to ad­just the ex­is­ting va­lu­a­ti­ons. – Ju­lie Jef­fe­rys

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